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How to Repair the Day/Night Shades in an RV

by Bill Thomas
(Tucson, AZ USA)

How to Repair the Day/Night Shades in an RV

One of the Day/Night shades in my RV has a broken string. Do I have to replace the shade or can I get it repaired? Is it possible to replace the strings myself?

ANSWER: Hi Bill thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page

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No, you do not have to replace the broken Day/Night Shadeicon in your RV, it can be repaired. You can check with the Blind Stores or Upholstery Shops in your area to see if they can restring the blinds for you.

To answer your second question, Yes you can restring the Day/Night Shades yourself. In fact you can buy Day/Night Shade Repair Kits.

The size of the blinds you have are going to determine how easy it is going to be to repair them. Smaller blinds can have only two strings, larger blinds can have as many as four strings.

To review this process you may want to take a look at the video below by RV Expert Mark Polk from RV Education 101 on how to properly restring your RV's Day/Night Shades.

To instantly download the RV Education 101 Videos available from RVing Expert Mark Polk visit the RV Education 101 Video Download Store

Here is the Pleated String First Aid Kit that Mark mentions in the video.

I hope that this information has been helpful.

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Happy RVing

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Comments for How to Repair the Day/Night Shades in an RV

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Replacing rails on 4 string day/night
by: Sharon

I got the blind down I understand how to cross the 4 strings, BUT I dont understand how to get the rail in with the strings crossed.please help me any advice will be welcome

Restringing blind cordsSatire
by: joyce

We are restringing our 4 cord day night blinds. Our problem is that we cannot remove the center rail. Top and bottom came off easily but the middle one won't budge. Any help. Thank you

Blind repair
by: AnonymousPam

Great video, except we cannot get the window treatments off!

by: Anonymous

How do you know who the manufacturer of your blind?
Thanks, Nancy

Household repair string
by: Anonymous

The strings on 2 of my shades broke and not near any RV supply store. Being a former Boy Scout, I was prepared with a cheap, did I say Cheap repair item that just about every household on the road has. Dental Floss! I used Sunstar WAXED Butlerweave with 200 yards. Just tied the broken end still on the shades with a blood knot to a length of the Dental Floss then wrapped around the holding button to get the shades even and then tied it tight. First repair was 4 years ago and they are still holding. Did I say real cheap and like WD-40, there are hundreds of uses for it.

Sooo helpful
by: Meribeth

Thank you wonderful instructions

by: Anonymous

Very helpful video. I sold these products to the RV manufacturers for many years, and can say that most of the issues with cord wear/breakage are due to improper installation.

I prefer the 'wall anchors' that resemble sewing machine bobbins, as they make it much easier to adjust the tension on your strings; you simply wind around for more tension.

One tip: If you use paraffin wax or a neutral-colored taper candle and run it against your exposed cord on a regular basis (based on use), it will help to ease the effects of friction, and prolong the life of the cord.

The biggest enemy of this cord is too much tension. Loosen them up just a bit (you can add felt bumpers on the back of the rails to ease any minimal banging against wall) and you will add a lot of life to the cord.

Happy RVing!

On the road blind repair.
by: Jean & Brian

EXCELLENT VIDEO. It had to be plain and simple for my husband and I to accomplish this task. We replaced a two string blind between us in just one hour. We bought a kit from an RV surplus store that will do about eight average blinds for $12. All we used was the string, we reused the other parts that we already had. the rest of the parts we have kept for future use if needed.
Thank you for the video. Well done.

blind repairs
by: smokey camping

Now I understand this repair may be difficult while living on the road, BUT when mine break (and they will break) I just mail them back to the manufacture, all they charge is shipping and then it is done to factory spec's.

Also I want to say this about the shades most coach manufactures do not adjust them correctly when installed, they are too tight which also wears out the strings used on the blinds, If you loosen up (or adjust) the stings they will last much longer,

If you send your back to the (blind factory) when you get it back it will have a detailed explanation as to how to set up (adjust) your blinds, and after the first one I sent back and received back I adjusted all my blinds and it cut down on string issues big time, so try that and see if it works for you also.

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