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Special Report: RV Lifestyle Expert Offers Free Webinar
December 03, 2009

Everything About RVing Special Report

RV Lifestyle Expert Jaimie Hall Bruzenak Offers Free Webinar "Five Insider Secrets for Living a Frugal Life of Freedom in an RV."

Have you dreamed of traveling in an RV yet wondered if you could afford it? If the answer is yes, then I invite you to join RV lifestyle expert Jaimie Hall Bruzenak on December 16 for "Five Insider Secrets for Living a Frugal Life of Freedom in an RV." In this free 75-minute Webinar, you will learn how to save BIG on your RV purchase, how to camp for almost free and other secrets for how to live the RV lifestyle for less than it costs to live in a stix ‘n brix house. The best part of RVing is that you have much more control of your budget and Jaimie will show you how! To sign up, go to and put in the referral code of EAR.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak, RV lifestyle expert, has lived the RV lifestyle for the past 17 years. Half of that was as a full-time RVer with no stick house or homebase. During those full-time years, she and her late husband, Bill, worked only six months a year yet they saved, says Jaimie, more money each year than they had in their stix ‘n brix life. They had no retirement income and were too young to collect Social Security.

Her Webinar, “Five Insider Secrets to Living a Frugal Life of Freedom in an RV,” on December 16, is free with limited availability. You’ll need to sign up fast! When you do, you’ll learn how you can travel while keeping your expenses under control and adapt your travel to fit your budget.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

P.S. If you’ve never used the Webinar technology, relax- you’ll get full instructions and we’ll have a short practice session a few days in advance for anyone wants a dry run and help setting it up. You can both see and hear the presentation using your computer and phone or just your computer.

P.P.S. Do you know anyone else exploring this lifestyle? Feel free to invite them to this Webinar, but please remember to reserve your spot first! Go to and put in the referral code of EAR.

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