Are Pet Heat Alarms Reliable Enough To Use In An RV?

by Anonymous

We recently bought an RV and would like to take our 2 small dogs with us at times. My worst fear is that if we went off for a few hours and left the dogs, the electricity would go off at an RV park in the summer.

Is this usually a problem? And, are heat alarms reliable? I found a few that attach to a cell phone and calls you if the programmed temperature rises. One runs off your cigarette lighter/DC outlet. Can we get good cell phone reception in most places for this thing to call us?

Do any RV parks offer a doggy day care service?

This problem may limit where and when we travel. Boarding them is not an option.


ANSWER Greetings thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

First let me answer your question about pet heat alarms. I need to tell you from the start that I have never used or tested either of these products, so I cannot give you a personal opinion on how well they work.

There are two pet heat alarm products that are available. The first is called the K9 Heat Alarm. It is designed to be used by police department K9 units or RVers that travel with pets. Below is what the manufacturer states about the K9 Heat Alarm:

The K9 Heat Alarm unit uses temperature sensors in conjunction with a microprocessor control system that blows the vehicle horn when alarm condition is detected. Optional pager with about one mile range. Backlit alphanumeric display. Microprocessor monitors both temperature sensors and the vehicle's battery. Software based features allow for future upgrades.

K9 Car Alarm Features:

Temperature monitoring system for use in a canine vehicle.

Horn Activation Module. Pulsed outputs for the Ace K9 is a distinctive S.O.S. horn honk that makes the vehicle horn sound like no other.

Dual Remote Temperature Sensors with extended 15' cables.

Most Accurate K9 Car Alarm Temperature Sensors on the market with accuracy better than 0.5° F. Dual real-time resolution 0.1° F

Full Alphanumeric LCD Display. Comprehensive status reports with easy setup.

Modular Design allows addition of options such as beeper, pager, dual window drop module, light bar and/or fan system.

Non-volatile Memory for temperature alarm setting. Temperature alarm setting is permanent until user reprograms.

Monitors and Displays Vehicle Battery Voltage. Alarm sounds before battery or alternator failure.

Complete Self-diagnostics of both control head and temperature sensors. Warns if problem with one temperature sensor and sets off alarm if both sensors fail.

Software Upgrades. Allows for new features and easy customization for your unique requirements.

The second pet heat alarm is called the The Pet Safety Heat Alarm.. According to their website The Pet Safety Heat Alarm has the features listed below.

The Pet Safety Heat Alarm is simple easy to operate. This 12 volt system has a 12' extension cord which plugs into your cigarette lighter/DC outlet. Set the maximum temperature and, if your A/C fails and the temperature rises in your RV, the Pet Safety Heat Alarm will call you!

All you do is program the cell phone (which you provide) with a phone number to be called in case of an emergency. It will call that number approximately every three and one half minutes until you come back and fix the problem. The Pet Safety Heat Alarm can also use Two-Way Radios instead of cell phones.

Let's move on to your other questions. I am not aware of any RV parks or RV resorts that offer "Doggy Day Care". Your best bet is to call ahead to the RV Park or Resort that you plan to stay at and see what kind of setup they have for your four legged RVers.

Your cell phone coverage and reception depends on the cell phone carrier you use and the availability of cell phone towers in the area that you are staying.

Now to your question on the reliability of the electricity provided at RV Parks or Resorts. Our family has been RVing for over 36 years and we have camped in many a different campground or resort and in that time the only time that we have ever lost power is when I forget that we are hooked up to 30 amp service instead of 50 amp service and I turn on too many appliances at once and trip the circuit breaker on the campgrounds electrical connection.

If any of our visitors have any information on pet heat alarms for you they can add their comments to this page by clicking on the "Click Here To Add A Comment" link located near the bottom of this page.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Fault Tolerant Cellular RV Pet Alarm
by: Dave

With summer camping just around the cornere.our readers may want to look at Temperature@lert's cellular temperature sensor for RV pet monitoring. The device is battery powered for up to 2 weeks, kept charged with campground power.

The device sends out email, text and phone call messages to make sure users are informed of problems. Android and iPhone apps are available. And if the device does not check in due to some error, users are informed, adding a triple fault tolerant level. Website:

Pet Heat Alarm for RV
by: Dan Farnan

I would like to respectfully introduce a third temperature alarm product that my company sells called the ThermoGuardian.

It's priced at $378.00 has a 6ft. temperature sensor. Powered by 120V AC adapter or 12V DC battery or Solar Power.

A $5.00 SIM Card and AT&T service contract is required ( Approx. $100 per year )

You can send the ThermoGuardian a text message requesting the current temperature and it responds back with the current conditions. Also, when the temperature is above or below your programmed set point the ThermoGuardian will send out text messages to four phones.

Thank you,
TIP TEMPerature Products

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