Can I Convert My 30 Amp RV To A 50 Amp RV?

by Anonymous

Our RV electrical system is 30 amps, what do we need to do to convert it to 50 amps?

Note From RVing Al:
Greetings thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page. I am sure that you can convert a 30 Amp RV electrical system to a 50 amp system. But I am also very sure that it will be an expensive conversion.

Maybe one of our visitors have done such a conversion, so I am opening up this question to our visitors to see if they can explain how they did it and also let you know how much it cost to do the conversion.

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Comments for Can I Convert My 30 Amp RV To A 50 Amp RV?

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Cost to upgrade
by: Anonymous

500 if you diy. 1000 if you hire an electrician

by: rich

install a primary sub panel with a 30amp and 50 amp breaker. change to 50 amp cord

50 amp conversion
by: Anonymous

I am in the middle of doing the 50 amp conversion.
Home Depot has 6x3 stranded wire with a 10ga ground for $2.47/ft 1/2015. I unexpectedly found a auto transfer switch on the back of my 30 amp panel. There is not two busses so I had to get a new fuse box. I chose a 8/16 circuit box but it was too large so I had to cut down the box removing about three inches from the top. I should have bought a auto transfer switch for $125 but I am short on cash. I choose a totally manual xfer circuit. I have a double 50a main breaker. I have a double 30a generator breaker. For now I will leave the double 30a breaker off under normal operation. If I need the generator I will switch off the 50a and close the 30a.

I also left the original cord in place going to a 30a breaker feeding L1. This is always left open but if my 50a cord gets stolen can serve as a backup. I can also plug into my garage. I can also use if I arrive on a late rainy night.

I rigged the power inlet not wanting to pay for a through the side twist lock connector and liking the big 50a blade connectors.

I bought a 30a external outlet. I threw out the 30a female socket and bought a male 50a yellow replacement plug. I cut off the yellow handle on the back making the plug less the blades only 1" thick. I then ground the hole of the mounting plate larger to clamp the ring of the 50a male plug.

I then cut a 3.5 inch hole and installed a power access door. I installed this mid coach so the wire will be long enough to park forward or reverse.

Two things to consider. On the back of my circuit panel was a 120v auto transfer switch. The rig also has a a/c cycling switch allowing for the generator to run both a/c units.

I will have a full 50a on both L1 and L2 legs.
I moved the rear a/c to the L2 circuit. The L1 circuit now has 50a feeding it so I should have plenty of power to my new circuit panel and plenty of circuit breaker spots to add circuits as needed/desired.

by: Anonymous

I suppose upgrading the electrical service is the same as in a house. But you may have to upgrade your generator too. It may not be powerful enough to handle higher service demands adequately. That is, assuming you are upgrading to supply more electrical equipment.

30 to 50 amp conversion
by: Anonymous

With a 30 Amp service already in place is it necessary to replace anything more than the wire and a 50 Amp main breaker.

30 to 50 amps
by: hollis

So what I think I have read is, I need new braker panel 110 to 220 and new wire from the new panel to shore power, size that is right for a 50 amp suppy. Thanks

by: JJ

The main breaker panel has to be upgraded from a 110v single leg to a 220v dual leg. Auto transfer switch and shore cord.

30 to 50 amp
by: Robert

Actually, the biggest issue is running the wire. If you upgrade to 50 amp you will need to find the correct size wire (rated for 50 amp). You only need to run the wire from the plug for the home to the main circuit breaker. All the other wires will stay the same.

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