Do You Have Some Tips On Storing An RV In Arizona For The Summer?

by Barb Johnson
(Mesa, Arizona)

We plan on leaving our 5th wheel in Arizona for six monthis this summer. I have seen the hints and tips for storage in Florida, however I believe weather conditions are quite different here in Arizona.

ANSWER: Greetings Bard thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

We actually have more than just one set of tips for RV Summer Storage on EARV. After reading my answer to your question I urge you to review the answers I gave to these questions: We Are Storing Our RV In Florida For Summer, What Should We Do To Get It Ready For Storage?, How Should I Store A 5th Wheel Trailer In Florida Without Power and Tips for Florida RV Summer Storage. Everything I talk about in the answers to these questions also hold true for RV storage in Arizona.

The difference between the Arizona and Florida summer weather is that Florida is prone to high heat accompanied by high humidly and frequent showers. Arizona on the other hand is known for "Dry Heat" with temperatures that can exceed 110 degrees for several days in a row. This high dry heat can wreak havoc on such things as the RV Tires, slide-out seals and any rubber items that are constantly exposed to the heat and Ultra Violet Rays associated with the Arizona Summers.

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So the only thing I would put a greater emphasis on for Arizona Summer RV storage is that if it is going to be stored outside is that you definitely use an RV Cover and if needed RV Tire Protectors to prevent fading of the RV exterior and dry rotting of the rubber items.

I hope that this additional information helps.

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Comments for Do You Have Some Tips On Storing An RV In Arizona For The Summer?

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Arizona summer outside coverE
by: Anonymous

Definitely do not use an RV cover. The summer monsoon winds will rip it to shreds. If you are storing your rig at an RV park, they will not allow covers usually anyway. The cover will actually do more damage than good

motorhome storage in AZ summer
by: gramasandy

We just purchased a used motor home and need some advice on AZ storage. We have never experienced storage in AZ especially in Summer months so any helpful tips would be appreciated. What all is needed to be done before storing the motor home? I have read vegtable oil in toilet, armoural tires, all rubber seals ie slides, windows, bascially anything that has rubber around it. I have also hear that the fridge needs to be stored closed. Is stuffing the fridge with old newspapers the way to go then to keep any smells from occurring? Any help advice would gladly accepted.

Storing RV in Arizona
by: Bryan Turner

I guess my experience with storing in AZ is much different than your answer. An RV cover only causes more wear and tear on your RV with winds limited rain and dust storms it just wrecks the finish on an RV. The almost constant wind gets into the cover and it rubs against the awning (rolled up) and wears the front of the awning prematurely so when you go to open the awning you will find it has been rub through to the cords and you will have to replace it.

So if you can not find covered storage we cover all the windows with insulated foil, leave water in all the P traps, a little veg oil in the toilet and a couple pales of water in the RV 5th wheel. This seems to work much better that a cover. As soon as we return we have the 5th wheel washed and buffed. Also armorall your tires front and back then cover with tire covers tied on and run your 5th wheel up on planks to keep tires off the bear ground. Also armorall all the slide out rubbers and rubbers around windows, doors and storage bins. It seems to help protect the rubbers big time.

Well that's my opinion hope it helps someone. BT

Arizona Summer Storage
by: Anonymous

What would be your suggestion as to how to prepare the fresh water system for summer storage to keep the calcium and lime buildup out of the pipes when the water evaporates? Could we use vinegar in the pipes for long periods?

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