Does anyone have experience with either the Hensley Arrow Hitch or The Equalizer Hitch?

by anonymous

Does anyone have experience with either the Hensley Arrow Hitch or The Equalizer Hitch? The Hensley is supposed to completely eliminate sway, regardless of the cause, but I have heard it is bulky and hard to use. We are buying a 29ft aluminum travel trailer.

ANSWER Greetings thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Congratulations on your new Travel Trailer. I will start off by telling you that I have not personally used either one of the anti sway trailer hitch systems you are asking about. So I would be unable to give you any useful feedback on them. I am going to open this up to our visitors. If any of you have used either one of these anti sway trailer hitches, please leave a comment by clicking on the add a comment link near the bottom of this page.

Hopefully you will get some good feedback from our visitors. I wish you many happy travels in your new Travel Trailer.

RVing Al

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Comments for Does anyone have experience with either the Hensley Arrow Hitch or The Equalizer Hitch?

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Propride Hensley pullrite equalizer I've used all 4
by: Tom

Hands down the original Hensley arrow mfg hitch and pullrite are the best!

Propride was the worst of them!

Equalizer is a great friction sway control hitch for the money but it's nothing like the Hensley or pullrite.

I've towed with the pullrite for 12 years. Loved every mile but we upgraded tow vehicles and they no longer make pull behind hitches anymore. But the original Hensley arrow pulled identical to the pullrite.

My experience with the equalizer was because I bought a propride hitch and had tons of sway could not go above 50 mph safely. Shaun at propride kept telling me the problem was my truck (2001 Ford excursion) so I literally spent $3,500 on my truck to fix the problem when the problems were a defective unsafe hitch! I bought the equalizer after pulling off the propride and the equalizer pulled GREAT! It was the older one with the square bars that hook on the l shaped brackets.

I literally slapped it on the truck and it towed great! Didn't even measure a thing. What a relief to know the problem was the propride.

the best
by: Anonymous

The Hensley hitch is incredible and well worth whatever you pay. It absorbs cross winds, sway, uneven road surfaces, etc.. If you do not own, then recommend you install a back up camera on your truck so you can back into the hitch precisely first try, every time. Only small issue is that to hook up, both the truck and trailer need to be at the same plane. If one is sloped differently, it can be difficult to connect.

The Pro Pride Hitch is better than the old Hensley Arrow
by: Anonymous

Do some research on the history of the Hensley hitch and the Propride hitch and you will find that the Propride is a better design by the same inventor.

The Propride has many upgraded features and is easier to use.

I have had both and the Propride is far easier to hitch and unhitch.

The adjustable hitch bar saves a lot of money if you ever need a different offset to make your trailer ride level.

Hensley is the best
by: jim

I have pulled a 35 ft. travel trainer, 8400 lbs empty, with a Hensley Arrow for 8 years. I started with a Durango. The trailer never swayed even in terrific winds in the Oklahoma And Texas open country. But the mileage was terrible so got a ram 2500 cummins. Never knew the trailer was back there.

Am getting a smaller trailer to pull with a Gr. Cherokee and will get a Hensley Cub. Will never pull another trailer without a Hensley.

Hensley hitch weight
by: Anonymous

We R looking at the Equalizer and the Hensley. Pull a 30 ft Wind River with a Ford F150 Eco boost w/heavy duty towing package and like what we are learning about Hensley but concerned about additional wt to our trailer tongue. Is this a legitimate concern?

Hensley Hitches are the best !
by: LaNita Sirmons

I would not pull a travel trailer with out a Hensley Hitch - they pull like a dream, turn like nobody else - I will not pull a travel trailer with out a Hensly Hitch.

Hensley Hitch the best
by: John

I pulled my first 30 footer with a Drawtite for one season only then I bought a Hensley . On a trip to Florida I step out of the van a E350 Ford and was almost blown over by the strong wind and was unaware the wind was even blowing. Have pulled with this hitch over 100,000 miles and if I had to go back to the old hitch I would just quit camping. By the way I just returned from pulling our Montana travel trailer over 6000 miles. The trip Michigan to Florida to Midland,Texas to South Dakota back to Michigan through the upper peninsula them back to lower Michigan. HAPPY TRAVELING JOHN

one product that lives up to it's claims.
by: Ron Hyde

I have a Holiday Rambler 32-foot Alumalite trailer. When I first pulled the trailer I had the typical weight distribution system with sway bar system that came with my trailer. After a few extended trips I realized that the system just didn?t give me the control I needed, especially in high winds or when large trucks passed me on the interstate or going down long grades. I would be so tense that by the end of the day I was worn out from the stress.

I decided I needed somthing better if I entended to ravel very much. After a lot of shopping I came across the Hensley Arrow system. I have to admit I was put off by what seemed to be a high price at the time but since I was planning on doing full time travel in the near future I finally decided it was worth the investment. Well I?ll just say this was the best investment I ever made. The Hensley system does everything they claim. No more sway, I mean none and when I go down lone grades I don?t have that feeling I might jackknife if I go to fast, also I no longer worry about those 18 wheelers because they have no effect on my control at all.

Towing my trailer became enjoyable and more importantly for the first time I really felt I had full control at all times. Once the initial setup is made hitching up becomes much easier than the typical WD system.

I would not hesitate to buy a used system if price is prohibitive. This product is built like a tank and should last a lifetime.

PS. I?m just a RV-er like you, I don?t sell

The Arrow is the Best PERIOD!
by: Anonymous

I've owned 3 Squeek-qual-i-zers and now a Hensley Arrow. The Arrow is hands down a superior product when it comes to sway control. I two a 33' 6800 TT with a 1/2 ton SUV, the EQ was OK - barely. The Hensley made towing a pleasure again. It's more money yes. But what is your family's safety worth?

Equalizer hitch
by: Anonymous

I have the equalizer hitch and tow a 34 foot travel trailer by Forest River with an Ford F250, the hitch is great no sway problems at all and is very easy to use.

Joe D

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