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Fixing Oxidized Yellowing Headlight Lenses On An RV

by Candice Mueller
(South Lake Tahoe, CA USA)

Fixing Oxidized Yellowing Headlight Lenses On An RV

Fixing Oxidized Yellowing Headlight Lenses On An RV

I am having a problem with the headlights on our 2001 Fleeetwood Terra Class A motorhome. The front headlight covers have turned yellow. I have tried using the products on the market for reconditioning and buffing out yellow plastic headlight covers with little success.

My local Fleetwood dealer told me I would have to buy the whole headlight assemblies for $200 each, even though the plastic headlight covers just unclip. Any suggestions?? Am I being taking to the cleaners by the dealer?

ANSWER: Hi Candice, Even though you have tried to use a Headlight Restoration Kit and it has not cleaned the lenses, I would suggest that you take a look at the video below for and alternate method of repairing the yellowing headlights on your RV, before proceeding to the more expensive process of replacing the headlight lenses or headlight assemblies.

The method outlined in the video below is more labor intensive but, is said to permanently solve the headlight yellowing problem.

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Supplies Used in the Above Video

Clear Coat

2000 grit sandpaper


Compound polish

Rubbing Alcohol

If the above method also fails to fix the yellowing headlights to your satisfaction, then the only alternative is to go to the expense of purhasing new lenses or headlight asseemblies.

I would also suggest that you look at the replacement headlight covers available on eBay and you might be lucky enough to find covers that will work on your motorhome. I would also suggest that you get the part number for your headlight assembly and search eBay for that as you might be able to buy those assemblies for less than $200.00 a piece that the dealer wants to charge you.

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clear lights
by: Anonymous


I have had some success with using toothpaste, as long as it is the original toothpaste not the gel. just put it on let dry and wipe of with soft cloth

More than outside
by: Anonymous

Most of the fixes work fine from the outside. Unfortunately, a lot of the discoloration is on the inside. You really cannot get to most of the housing's inside surface. I cleaned mine and still had that frosted appearance only to note that the inside had the discoloration. It would be nice if something would clear up the inside surface.

Yellowing headlight lenses
by: Anonymous

I use bug spray. The liquid type is best but you can also spray unto a clean rag and wipe the headlight lenses. I also spray clear water after treatment and wipe dry.

Replacement Headlights
by: Anonymous

Look at the lens for identifying markings. Many coaches use car/truck headlights. Ask your car mechanic if he recognizes them. They should be far less expensive purchased as car lights than as RV lights.

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