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House Battery Location on a Class C RV

by Matt
(San Jose, Ca)

I just bought a 1985 Lindy motorhome by Skyline and can't seem to find the auxiliary battery. I have no power when not connected to 115 volt. there may not even be an auxiliary battery currently but I do know it's supposed to have one. Any ideas where it is supposed to be housed?

The chassis is a ford F-350

Thanks so much,


ANSWER: Greetings Matt thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Your Class C Motorhome should have come equipped with a House (auxiliary) Battery. In all likelihood it is a 12 volt Marine/RV Battery.

That being said, I cannot tell you the exact location of your House Battery. RV manufacturers are pretty good at hiding these batteries on smaller RVs.

I am going to assume that you have already looked in the engine compartment of your Motorhome. A couple more places to look is in an exterior compartment in your RV. Also check to see if the steps at the entry way of your RV lift up and the battery could be there. It could also be located in a compartment near the floor of the interior of the RV.

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The fact that you have no 12 volt DC power in the RV when it is not plugged in could be caused by the battery possibly being disconnected, the battery is missing, a bad battery that is not accepting a charge, a good battery that is not receiving a charge from your RV's Converter or your RV may be equipped with a battery shut off switch either inside the RV or on the battery itself that is in the off position.

The problem could also be caused by a blown fuse, a blown in-line fuse, a bad fusible link, etc. There is no way to know for sure except by taking your Motorhome in and having a Certified RV Technician check out your 12 volt electrical system.

I wish I could have been of more help.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Comments for House Battery Location on a Class C RV

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Lindy battery
by: Anonymous

Look for battery under the first step inside the door.

Aux Battery
by: Michelle c.

I'm original owner of a 1978 23' Lindy on a Chev chassis.
The Aux battery is located under the carpet at the floor level just inside the door. My carpet is a shag type and hard to see but has a hinged door under it that swings up to the right edge and houses the wooden battery compartment.

In the original configuration when the RV is plugged into external AC power, the converter operates and provides a 12 volt supply to operate accessories (heater fans,lights,water pump,etc.) This supply is poorly filtered and has more like a 16 volt output which causes hum in electronics and short life to light bulbs. I have modified the converter to alleviate this.

One thing to NOTE: this also directly charges the house battery anytime the RV is plugged into AC supply mains.
This will quickly deplete the battery life by OVERCHARGING. I easily put a cut- out switch on the battery post to disconnect it while parked.

Maybe this has already been discussed below, haven't read all posts yet, I'm hunting for water connection and fill plastic parts,

Lindy Converter
by: Rich

I have a 1978 Lindy (Skyline) 22 foot motorhome, and I recently had a converter problem. The converter wouldn't switch to battery power when I disconnected from my 110 volt source. I fixed the problem by removing the metal cage around the converter and putting a small piece of emery cloth between the points of the converter, and holding the points closed, running the emery cloth back and forth a few times. It fixed my problem....good luck

Location of House battery
by: Trisha

Well, your fellow readers were correct! On my 1978 Lindy RV , 22' my deep cycle battery was indeed under the entry stairs! Yeah! I installed the battery myself, hit the rest button next to the battery, and the reset button in the engine compartment and no power!!! I was soooo bumed out! I have little knowledge on this particular subject and am in need of advice. I read the information on the converter and I think it has something to do with it. I have a 3230Power Converter with battery charger. Not certain if I have a automatic relay switch, or if I have a manual switch. I looked at the converter under the couch and I see no fuses, no switches or no buttons. Can anyone please tell me where the fuses are located and what do I do after installing the battery and hitting the reset buttons??? Am I missing a step, do I just connect the battery, hit the reset buttons and wahla, I have power!??? Any one know where to locate the DC distribution panel? Its not where converter/battery charger is?? Please help!

auxiliary battery for Lindy Skyline
by: Trisha

Well Matt I will say thank you for creating this page. Although you don't have an answer regarding where the (house battery) is kept for the Lindy Skyline RV. Whenthe gentleman asking about it and you had some ideas but if those didn't work to see a rv electrian. I too am looking where my auxilary (house) battery is kept. There havd been only two previous owners of my 1978 Lindy Skyline and were maticulas on keeping all paperwork on everything that is in the rv, oven, toilet, water heater, refriderator, the chassis specifications and all services it had been done, even the original welcome letter for oanership from Lundy but, it didn't have any information about where its kept. It did mention about the covedfdr etc.. I bought a house battery and was going crazy trying to locate where it goes. Looked everywhere!!! Then kept reading and read someone's comment about his being under the entry steps. I am a female and pretty savy on doing things myselk and learning all I can about the RV. I too have steps that slide in and out. I looked and I see a seem in carpet and there us a metal piece on the last step that doesn't quite go the full length if the step and it afixed with rice screws. Looks like I might be onto something!!! Im going to check it out and get back to you to let you know if it is where the house battery goes. I sure hope so cause I have looked everywhere. Thanks again Matt for your page!

Happy motoring,

Trisha, Seattle Wa

Matt need more information about the Lindy?
by: Joe306tow


I have a 1987/88 Skyline Lindy. I do have some specs. and other information about original equipment. is a facebook page I set up. Yes, this is information for 1988 Lindy, but should have some information that can help with your 1985. Including floor plans.

by: Rich

My 1978 Lindy (24 foot) (Skyline) has a house battery in a compartment under the entry stairs. It has a locking screw just under the shag carpeting, and a hinged door to access the battery...good luck

House battery location.
by: Anonymous

Take a look under the floor boards on the drivers side. Mine is hidden behind the running boards, and has to be accessed by crawling under the coach and removing 4 bolts that hold the bottom of the case up which also holds the battery, Make sure to place something like a floor jack under this steel plate before loosening the bolts or you may have the whole thing fall on your head or arm. I think it is in a stupid place, but dont have anywhere else that I can relocate it too. Good luck.

Problem Solved!!!
by: Matt

I did in fact find the battery under the step like you said. I originally tried to trace the wires but everything was so well hidden that I was unsuccessfull. The battery is nine years old and completely dried up! The system is sending 14 volts to the battery so once I replace it, I should be good to go.

Thank you so much for your help on this, it's much appreciated!


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