How do I Adjust the Tension on an RV Slideout Topper Awning?

by Anonymous

How do you tighten up slideout awnings that are sagging?

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Since you do not tell me who manufactured your Slideout Topper Awningsicon it will be very hard for me to tell you how to adjust the tension on them. Depending on the make and model there is a different method to adjust the tension.

There are two main manufacturers of Slide Topper Awnings Dometic A&E and Carefree Of Colorado. If you visit the links I just mentioned you will find that depending on the model that you can download a manual that will walk you through adjusting the tension of your Slideout Topper Awningsicon.

If it ends up that you need new slide toppers you should watch the video below showing how easy it is for a do-it-yourselfer RVer to install them.

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I hope this helps.

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Comments for How do I Adjust the Tension on an RV Slideout Topper Awning?

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Slide Out Topper Flapping
by: Walt

2016 Class A, Thor Windsport 34F.
Slide out Topper is flapping and making it difficult to sleep. Can't find any name of manufacture or instructions for tension adjustment. Spring is giving with wind gust and allowing flapping. I am sure the flapping will eventually cause tearing of the fabric.

It can't be that hard
by: Bill hoganAnonymous

I need to know right from taking off the end plate

by: Steve

The video does not exist. I wanted to find out HOW to tighten my dometic topper. So far . . . I cannot find out how to do this.

Still need an answer
by: Anonymous

It doesn't help. Can someone post an answer to the question "How to adjust the spring tension on a Carefree slide out topper"

adjusting slide out awning
by: Anonymous

Very good video on installation. It doesn't answer the question of how to adjust the awning tension.

How to adjust tension on slide out topper awning
by: Tom

This video does NOT answer my question!! While watching how the topper was installed from scratch was interesting and informative, it did not give me an answer to my question.

If you would post a follow up video to adjusting the tension, such a video would be exceptionally helpful since most toppers come installed from the manufacturer or the RV Sales Center where the camper was purchased.

Adjusting Tension on RV Slideout Topper
by: Anonymous

This video did not help me with adjusting the tension on my RV slideout topper.

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