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How Do I Increase The Security Of The Storage Compartment Locks On My RV?

by Jason

How Do I Increase The Security Of The Storage Compartment Locks On My RV?

How Do I Increase The Security Of The Storage Compartment Locks On My RV?

How Do I Increase The Security Of The Storage Compartment Locks On My RV?
Combi-Cam Combination Cam Lock
Barrel Lock
Combination Barrel Lock

Just to preface my question, I have read the article on your website about RV Compartment keys being somewhat useless when it comes to really only having two kinds of keyed locks on most Motorhomes.

Obviously, as someone that is not very trusting of complete strangers, I find this frustrating to no end at the thought of someone stealing all my belongings while on a day hike. My question is simple, is there any way at all, without installing alarms, to re-key the locks on the RV compartments or have a broader range of locking selections to where a universal key or one of the other two keys won't work?

My thoughts take me to Home Depot type stores where they sell locks etc. I even think of those locks I see on the metal filing cabinets and wonder if they might work.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

ANSWER: Greetings Jason thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Yes the article RV Storage Compartments and 3 Easy Ways for Thieves to Prosper certainly does make you rethink the security of the locks on your RV especially the locks on the Storage Compartments.

One solution for increasing the security of any RV lock is to remove the locks from the RV and have them rekeyed by a Locksmith. I am not sure how much that would cost.

Another solution for RV Storage Compartments that have a cam lock locking system is to install Combination Cam Locks on them. But even rekeying the locks or installing combination locks will not stop a persistent thief who is willing to pry open or kick in the storage compartment doors on your RV to get to your valuables.

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There are also Alarm Systems For RVs available for added security. One thing I would also suggest is that if your RV entrance door does not have a deadbolt lock you should immediately get an RV Deadbolt Lock and install it as an added deterrent for anyone trying enter the inside of your RV.

For added security on Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels you should also install a Receiver or Hitch Lock to prevent thieves from actually stealing your whole RV.

The suggestions above are just some of the ways that you can make your RV more secure, unfortunately there is no product you can use or steps you can take that can absolutely guarantee that your RV will never be broken into or stolen for that matter.

I hope that this information has been helpful.

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Keep it clean
by: Steven Langridge

Buy marine quality comboaction locks. Please, keep them clean and well lubed with lock lube. In general; just use lock lube on all your key locks.

Compartment Locks
by: Tom Corum

I totally agree with Bob. Before we left the dealer with the purchase of a new travel trailer, we purchased and had the dealer install barrel locks. They can all be keyed the same, as are mine. You can install these locks yourself.

RV Storage Locks
by: RCAircraft

I also had concerns for the common keys that some RV's use.

I ordered and installed barrel type keyed locks. They are very secure and require a special barrel lock key. Camping World or your local RV dealer should have these locks.

I believe I paid about $10 for each of the locks. The locking hasp (the bracket that the key turns to lock the storage compartment door) was reused and fit the lock set I purchased. It took about five minutes per storage compartment door to change out the locks and adjust the moving bracket/hasp to each door.

Thank you.

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