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How to Fix a Loose Dinette Table in an RV

by Brent

How To Fix a Loose Dinette Table In An RV

How To Fix a Loose Dinette Table In An RV

The metal posts that go into the metal inserts in both the table and into the floor, wiggle so loosley you can hardly stand to try and use it to eat. what is a good remedy to fix this?

ANSWER: Hi Brent thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

A good temporary solution is to use some Duct Tape on the ends of the poles that go into the floor and the table. This should stop most of the wobbling for the time being.

The best solution that I have found for a loose RV Dinette table is to replace the poles and mounting brackets that go on the table and the floor which will make the table as good as new.

The best place to get the parts is from eBay. You can get a new pole and table mounting brackets for less then $20.00 plus shipping. Most of the replacement poles and mountings have "Buy It Now" prices so there is no bidding involved.

Installing the new table poles and mounts is fairly straight forward and in most cases you should be able to use the existing mounting holes to install the new table hardware.

Hope this helps.

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My table comes completely off
by: Anonymous

I've had two different handymen fix my dining table and, within an hour, it pulled back out of the wall completely. What would work as anchors in a motorhome wall?

fixing loose trailer table
by: Anonymous

if you have table that hooks into bracket on wall.simply tap center of wall bracket a couple of times an try table again.repeat again as needed

loose dinette table
by: Anonymous

What causes that problem is traveling with your table up, it is subjested that you take your table down when traveling and then you wont have to replace them.

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