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How to Improve Cell Phone Reception in an RV

by Debbie
(Lake Livingston, Texas)

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception in an RV

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception in an RV

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception in an RV
How to Improve Cell Phone Reception in an RV

We have our RV parked at our lakefront property while we work toward building our retirement home, so relocating sites is not an option. We normally only get 1 or 2 bars on our cell phone receptivity.

We are currently using our cell phones as personal hotspots for internet connection. The low signal strength interferes with both phone and internet reception. What would you suggest for this?

ANSWER: Hi Debbie thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page

The first thing I would do is check with folks that live in your area to see if the problem may be your cell phone provider. There may be better reception with another cell phone provider who has more towers closer to you. Of course depending on the contract you have with your current provider this could end up being an expensive option.

Another option is to purchase a Cell Phone Signal Booster that is designed for RVs, Trucks, Cars and Boats. In most cases these systems require that you install an antenna on the roof of your RV to receive the cell phone signal.

Depending on the type of cellular booster you purchase it could come with an antenna that goes inside your RV that re-transmits the boosted cell signal to all the cellular devices being used in your RV. Other types come with a cradle that the cell phone goes into to receive the boosted signal and can only be used by one cellular device at a time.

When purchasing one of the Cell Phone Boosters it is important that you make sure that the booster you are buying supports your type of phone. If your phone is 3G then you would need a booster that supports 3G, if your cell phone is 4G; you would need a booster that supports 4G, etc.

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Advantages of Cell Phone Boosters

* They greatly improve voice and data quality

* Normally they receive and transmit better than your cell phone

* They can also extend the life of your cell phones battery

* They can significantly reduce disconnected and dropped calls

I hope this helps.

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Ground plane in non-conductive materials
by: Donney McClellan Sr.

Have you run a ground cable from the metal plane to your main frame of your Rv? If not, Do so; If yes, purchase a sheet of copper and cover your Plate with it to increase the conductivity.

Having a problem with Cell Phone Booster
by: Ray Laubert

I have a Wilson 4G Cell phone booster for our motor home. We have a fiberglass roof and the slides are also fiberglass. So far I have not been able to get this to work. It appears to work fine in the car. I have tried a metal plate on the roof but the gain just isn't there. Even had Wilson replace the amp after working with them and not seeing any improvement.
Any suggestions?

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