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How To Quiet Down RV Water Pump

by Joe

How to Quiet Down Your RV's Water Pump

How to Quiet Down Your RV's Water Pump

When I run my 12 volt water pump it’s very loud. The lines are bled of air & the pump is tight to the floor. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Joe, I am going to assume that this is has been an ongoing problem with your water pump and not something that just started. What you are experiencing is known as Jack Hammering that is caused by the pulsation of water inside the water supply pipes that most RV Water Pumps create when they run, the pulsation causes the hard piping (tubing) of the RV water supply systems to vibrate against interior walls, cabinets, etc.

There is a Water Pump Silencer Kit that can be connected directly to your RV's Water Pump that can minimize or in some cases completely eliminate the Jack Hammering noise. The soft supply hoses in the kit act as a cushion to damper the vibrations transmitted to the harder water supply lines. A lot of RVers have had great success with these kits.

If after installing the silencer kit you are still not satisfied with the noise level of your pump, there are a couple of other things you can try. First trace the water lines that are coming out of the pressure side of the pump. If any of them are against a wall or a cabinet you can attach some Foam Pipe Insulation (make sure you get the right size for your pipe) to the pipe to cushion the vibration.

Lastly if all else fails you may want to add a Water Accumulator Tank to your pump. The tank will basically reduce the noise levels of pump cycles and also reduces the number of cycles.

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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