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How to Restore Cracking RV Graphics

by Ron
(Black Hills)

How to Restore Cracking RV Graphics

How to Restore Cracking RV Graphics

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I own a late 2000's Fleetwood with large graphics and naturally have cracks in them on one side of the coach. I had a couple of options, live with it, remove them all and leave it at that, remove and replace, where I would get replacements is tricky or paint over the old graphics and still see the cracks in the old vinyl.

I tried a combination and really like the results and if I ever want to remove them, still have that option. I found suitable colors in rattle cans, masked around the old graphics, cleaned all the cracks and vinyl with solvent and before applying the paint, sprayed on a light coat of rubberized, paintable undercoating.

Once finished, the graphic has a slight texture and the undercoating filled in the cracks. I like the look and result, might want to give it a try.

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Curving Tape
by: Tamra

For taping off your graphics, there is stretchy tape for curves for artists. I can't think of the name right now, but I bet if you googled it, you would find it. It also comes in different sizes. It's kind of expensive, but worth it for something like this. Here is the website I buy it from - 3 different sizes!

Good luck!

Dealing with Curve Graphics
by: Desert Rat

The initial recommendation for painting over damaged graphics should work for curved graphics and "swirls", it just takes more effort to mask them off. If you're replacing stripes that curve, you should be able to very gently warm the striping tape with a hair dryer and stretch it around the curve to match the original stripe.

Desert Rat is the author of, in which he provides information about a lot of RV and OHV topics.

Cracking RV graphics
by: Anonymous

Thank you for addressing this issue. I've been wanting to redo my rv but my graphics are curved. Any ideas for that?

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