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I Accidently Flushed A Dead Mouse Down My RV's Toilet, Now How Do I Get It Out?

by Anonymous

I Accidently Flushed A Dead Mouse Down My RV's Toilet, Now How Do I Get It Out?

I Accidently Flushed A Dead Mouse Down My RV's Toilet, Now How Do I Get It Out?

How do you remove a dead mouse inside the black water tank? It was accidentally flushed.

ANSWER: Thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I have to admit that this is one of the most unique RVing questions that I have ever received. In fact at first I thought this was a prank question and I was going to delete it until I noticed that you included a valid e-mail address in the question submission form.

So here goes, I have to assume that you are talking about your garden variety small house mouse and not a broken (dead) computer mouse or a large rat. Please follow the steps I have outlined below.

1. If it is a small house mouse, you should be able to get it out of the Black Water Tank by simply filling up the Black Water holding tank to about the 3/4 full level with water and simply dumping your black water tank like you normally do and your deceased little furry friend will take a nice quick waterslide ride out of the tank down the sewer hose and into the sewer system.

If the rodent is too big to take a ride on the Black Water Waterslide Thrill Ride or if the procedure above does not work then you need to determine if your RV's toilet dumps the waste straight through to the Black Water Tank.

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First turn the water off to the RV. Now press the flush button or lever on the toilet and when the slide on the toilet opens use a flashlight to see if you can see into the black water tank. If you can see the bottom of the tank then move on to step 2 if not move on to step 3.

2. What you are going to need is a 2" or 3" wide Aquarium Net, some Duct Tape and a short broom or dust pan handle. Securely Duct Tape the Aquarium Net to the end of the Broom Handle and have someone hold the toilet slide open and using a flashlight see if you can retrieve the deceased rodent with the net.

3. If none of the above works you may have to take your RV in and have some of the plumbing disassembled to get the mouse out.

I really hope this helps.

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Happy RVing!

RVing Al

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dead mouse
by: Nancy / Florida

Once, I accidentally flushed a small plastic bottle of holding tank deodorant. I let the tank fill up almost full, and the bottle came out as I emptied the tank!

(love the mouse graphic on this story!)

Ummm... flush a cat? Just kidding LOL
by: Anonymous

Ummm... flush a cat? Just kidding LOL

Getting anything out of your waste tank.
by: Rob Stolk

I have rescued quite a few things out of holding tanks, and the solution is not too bad to get stuff out. Recently, I had an encounter where a little boy busted the head off of a doll and flushed it down (much to the horror of the dolls owner, my daughter) It had to come out, not only cause the dolls head was bigger than three inches, but for for my daughters sake. The best thing to use is one of those flexable grippers (the ones with the three "fingers" on them), a rubber glove, and a camera. Home Depot sells them, made by RIGID for less than 200 bucks. The camera end is like a spy scope, built for looking inside walls and such, and is flexible. Look in the cameras screen, and find the offending item, after draining the water down out of the tank. grab the item you want with the gripper and viola, out it will come. It might take several tries but it works. I have done wallets, keys, and glasses. Works every time.

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