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I Am A Fulltime RVer, What Address Do I Use To Apply For My Social Security Benefits?

by Anonymous

I am applying for Social Security online and they ask for a mailing address, which I have RV mailing, then they ask if I live there. Of course I physically do not live there, am I legal in answering that question yes.

ANSWER: Greetings thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Let me start off by saying that I have a lot of knowledge about RVs, RVing and the RVing Lifestyle, but when it comes to trying to answer financial questions my eyes immediately glaze over and I start drooling out of the right side of my mouth.

I have not filed for Social Security yet as I am still a few years away from being eligible for it. So my answer to your question is "I Dunno". But do not despair; I am not going to leave you hanging for an answer.

First, I am going to open up this question to our visitors. I know for a fact that we have several Fulltime RVers that visit EARV frequently and hopefully one of them can enlighten all of us on the proper Social Security filing process for Fulltime RVers by leaving a comment on this page.

In the meantime you might want to visit the Social Security Administration's Questions Page. They may very well have the answer there.

Below you will find two videos that walk you through applying for your Social Security Benefits online.

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I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Comments for I Am A Fulltime RVer, What Address Do I Use To Apply For My Social Security Benefits?

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My son is my address.
by: Anonymous

When we were staying with our son my husband applied for the Canadian version and then arranged direct deposit and on line bill payment for everything.

We use my son's address as our home address (which is also our home province where we live in various campgrounds for a minimum of 6 months plus a day each year) and we have all our mail go to our son's home. He scans things and emails us or telephones us whenever something arrives but since we do everything on line we hardly ever get anything by mail.

Social Security Benefits
by: Anonymous Full timers 21 yrs

It's simple we gave the mailing address of RV park where we were at at the time of filing, we just have our check direct deposited we chose Wells Fargo bank as they are in so meany states & when we move on we let social security know our new address as soon as we get it, no worries, You can also give ss your email address & phone no. if they have any ?
Hope this helps, we have been full timers for 21 years & would not have it any other way!
Good Luck Happy Trails to you!

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