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Is It Safe To Store A Motorhome In A Barn?

by Jerry

Is It Safe To Store A Motorhome In A Barn?

Is It Safe To Store A Motorhome In A Barn?

Is It Safe To Store A Motorhome In A Barn?
Is It Safe To Store A Motorhome In A Barn?

We are planning to purchase a used diesel class A coach and will want to keep it in a heated Pole Barn. Will the diesel fumes permeate through the coach? With 80 plus gallons of fuel in a tank, I am fearful that the inside of the coach will smell over time which will cause my wife to never enter the coach thus our new planned purchase will be a disaster.

Thanks, Jerry

ANSWER: Greetings Jerry thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The simple answer to your questions is No; you should not have a buildup of diesel fumes when storing your Motorhome in a barn. If you end up smelling diesel fumes it means that you have a problem in the fuel system in your Motorhome, such as a leak, etc.

The one thing I would suggest is that you turn off the propane at the tank in the Motorhome when storing it inside.

Actually there are going to be a lot of Class A Motorhome owners who will be quite jealous of your setup. Every RVers dream is to have a covered building to store their RVs in when they are not using them.

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Congratulations on your new RV and welcome to the wonderful world of RVing.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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RV Storage in a Pole Barn
by: Lew Mann

Storing an RV in a heated barn (you must live "up North") presents several obvious advantages. However, as a previos commenter suggested, the wee beasties seek warmth in the winter as well.

If you do not have mud dauber screens over your furnace and water heater outlets, I recommend you purchase and install them.

In our shop last winter we had to take apart an RV furnace in order to remove acorns and nesting materials!

An alternative to the screens would be to take some painter's tape - you know, that blue tape that barely sticks - and cover the outlets. Just remember to remove the tape before you fire up the furnace or water heater.

Many RVers also place a vapor barrier under the tires.

Lew Mann
Webmaster & "Doer of Many Things"
J.D. Sanders RV Center
Alachua, Florida

Rodent Control

Don't forget about Rodent control though. The warmth will be enticing to the little varmits.

Diane R.

Comment From RVing Al: Thanks Diane that is a great point!!! We actually have some articles about Rodent control. Read the answer I gave to the question below.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Mice In My RV?

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