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Keeping Your RV Fridge Cold

by Ron deMoya
(La Vegas Nevada )

Keeping Your RV Fridge Cold

Keeping Your RV Fridge Cold

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I read with interest, the problems you campers were having with the defrost cycle in your RV motorhome or trailer. As I sit here and watch my Norcold’s temp rising to 42* in the auto defrost mode. This is a built-in feature that most RV refrigerators have. So every 49 hrs or so it routinely goes into this mode.

So it dawned on me, WHAT TIME OF DAY DO YOU START YOUR REFER. !!!!

I normally start mine around noon the day before we leave and everything is great, the freezer freezes and the lower section is cold. Now if you start your refer midday then the refrigerator will start counting down and alas, 49 hrs have passed and your refer goes into defrost mode at the hottest time of the day and of course, the temps go wonky. Try this, when planning a trip, start you refer in the late evening, around 10 pm, and then when it goes into defrost it will be late at night, and in the coolest time of the day.

So if all your troubleshooting efforts are negative, then try it and see what happens. 🧐

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