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Low Water Pressure in RV

by Scott Pomroy
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Hi I just bought a 1998 Four Winds by Dutchmen last year and the previous owner had gutted it out. I am restoring it back to its original condition but the only problem I am having is finding where the stereo used to be and where it would hook up to the speakers and antenna. Do you know where I can find this information?

Also, my family complains about the water pressure for some reason. I have no problem with it though, I can't fit in the shower, I am way too tall. Is there any way I can increase the water pressure for the sinks and shower? Please help me as I called Dutchmen and they would not help me with the stereo information due to liability reasons (which I think is crap).

ANSWER: Greetings Scott thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am afraid that I cannot tell you where your radio was originally located in your RV. It is not because of liability reasons that I can't tell you it is because I just don't know.

A good place to find out is to go to Google and do an image search. Just type in the year and model of RV and you will be surprised by the number of pictures that will pop up and there should be at least one picture that shows where the radio is suppose to be. Once you find the right spot, you should be able to find the wires in close proximity to that area, if the previous owner didn't move those as well.

As far as the water pressure in your RV; most RV Manufacturers recommend that you do not exceed 40 to 50 psi of water pressure in an RV to prevent burst pipes and damage to your RV. That being said; the problem in your RV may not be a pressure problem as much as it may be a flow problem. There are ways to increase the flow of water without increasing the actual pressure.

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The first place to look is at the water fixtures of the RV. Unscrew the shower head of your RV and look for a water flow restrictor and remove it you find one. These flow restrictors can also be in screw on faucet aerators on the kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you remove the flow restrictors that will increase the flow of water to those fixtures.

If that still does not get you enough flow you might want to check on the type of RV Water Filter you are using on your RV. The rule of thumb for flow through an RV water filter is the smaller the filtering surface the less flow you will get the larger the filtering surface the more flow you will get. So larger water filters usually provide more flow.

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You may also want to replace your current RV Water Pressure Regulator with one that provides more flow.

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

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Finding Water Pressure Valve
by: Anonymous

I have a 1989 Catalina Coachman when I hook up city water with a hose. It is good pressure in the RV but when I check for leaks around the outside,it's pouring out of two small hoses in the back, under the RV. i was told by people who know RV's that it is a water pressure valve but i can't find it. any suggestions on finding the valve or valves and turning it off?

Shower water pressure
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Shower water pressure is at a trickle and all the other water fixtures are fine. Can anyone help or give me some answers

hot water pressure
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Coachman Brookstone fifth wheel suddenly no hot
water pressure although the tank is hot. Cold water
lots of pressure. switched valve directions and got
cold to both.. cannot get hot water pressure
any ideas. j

High pressure then low
by: Anonymous

The problem you are seeing is that the water heater is pressurizing the system. There is a flow check valve in the camper. Since the water can not flow back towards the city supply it just builds in the lines until you open it for the first time.

Similar issue
by: WJAW

When connected to city water, after the tap is first opened there is a gush of water for 1-2 seconds diminishing to normal or less than normal flow rate. This occurs with or without the pump being on. Any ideas? Thanks!

Water flow
by: Karen0455

I am having problems with my RV water flow. There is plenty of flow when you first turn on the faucet, but within seconds it is just a slow stream even though the pump is running. Any suggestions?

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