My RVs Shower Goes Hot And Cold When Boondocking, How Can I Fix This?

When I tried to take a shower the water would be hot then get cold then hot again and then cold again. Every time the pump would pump it would take turns getting hot then cold, is this normal for showering while boondocking?

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by: Anonymous

my camper does this when the hot water tank bypass valves are not opened properly. once I get them set correctly the problem stops.

Shower Goes Hot And Cold When Boondocking
by: Kit-Tech

I have seen this several times---
Check your outside 'shower/sprayer'--make sure the hot & cold knobs are turned off.
.....most trailers & motorhomes have an exterior faucet, either in a compartment or mounted in the wall (usually behind a plastic door).......this faucet has a spray head that can be turned off------so if the "cold" & "hot" knobs are left "on"....when you use another fixture inside the RV --it is allowing hot & cold water to "mix".

water goes hot and cold
by: Don't like hot &cold showers

I have a 1993 Four winds R.V.,it does the same thing..hope someone knows about this.thank you.

by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem does any one know what causes this?

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