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Replacing Curtains in an RV

by Anonymous

Where can I obtain replacement curtains for a 1989 Winnebago?

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If you are talking about talking about the curtains that cover the windshield on your motorhome you can purchase pre-made Windshield Curtainsicon or you can make your own windshield curtains if you want, so read on.

Finding the exact window curtain patterns that came with your 1989 RV is going to be darn near impossible. That being said, there are a couple of simple ways to replace RV curtains. The first way is to measure your curtains and then you would just order Regular Window Curtains and then use Sew In RV Curtain Carriers to modify them to work on the Curtain Rod System in your RV.

This way you will have a large selection of curtains to choose from.

Another option is to replace your existing curtains with some Day/Night Shadesicon.

You could also disassemble the old curtains and use the old curtain material as a pattern and purchase some fabric that you like and sew your own curtains. Since I am not a great “Artsy Crafty” individual, I would not be able to tell you exactly how to do this. has a great article on How to Sew RV Curtains that walks you through the curtain sewing process.

Hope this helps.

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by: Joy

Thanks for this article on RV curtains. I replaced our curtains with store-bought thermal curtains, purchased at Wal-Mart. Turn the curtain sideways, use small grommets from Wal-Mart's arts & crafts/sewing section and make grommet holes spaced evenly across the side seam of curtains. Just open the curtain carrier clamp and re-use those to hang the curtain. Three 84" length curtains provide full coverage across the front window of our class A coach. I split the third curtain in half (42") to provide equal distribution of fabric when windshield is opened. These curtains provide privacy, and as we are often in Alaska in summer they block out light for good sleep. Another benefit is thermal insulation of windshield area; heat or cold.

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