What RV Manufacturer Should I Choose?

"Will The RV Manufacturer That Built Your RV Be Around As Long As Your RV?"



I Want To Buy An RV But, I Don't Know What RV Manufacturer I Should Choose? 

What RV Manufacturer Is Right For Me?

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The simple answer to that question would be the manufacturer that makes the model RV that you like.  However, we would be remiss in leaving it at that. 

The RV industry has been experiencing problems for the last several years. in fact, several manufacturers have gone out of business.This has left some new RV owners without warranties on their new units.

There are several factors that have contributed to the demise of these manufacturers.  One of them is rising fuel costs.  When fuel costs rise, not as many people purchase RVs. 

If the manufacturer does not reduce its production to match the loss of sales, it can get into trouble.  We know that this is going to sound strange, but when fuel costs are high, it is the best time for you to buy an RV.  We will have more on this later.

You need to check on the financial stability of the company that manufactures the RV that interests you.  There are two places you can check, the first is our RV Industry News Page and the second place to keep you up to date is Google. 

Go to Google.com and type in "RV industry news" (leave out the quotation marks, when typing it in).  This will give you news stories about RV Manufacturers.

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Hopefully, the above information will be helpful in steering you in the right direction.  We hope that you determined that buying a RV is the right decision for you.  One thing is for sure whether you chose a new or used RV, you will never regret becoming an RVer.  We wish you many years of Happy RVing.

If you can think of other questions and answers we should add to this section, please feel free toContact Usand we will add them.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy RVing.

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