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RV Propane Detector Keeps Beeping Once A Minute

by Anonymous

I have a Safe-T-Alert model 20-441. The green light stays on it chirps every minute or so. I called the company to see if it is outdated they said it has no problem but the chirping is driving us crazy. I noted on the front it said replace July 2010 if I did would it solve the problem?

2nd question the convection microwave sometimes the micro will not work, if I run the convection oven for 5 minutes then try the micro. It functions where do I look for the problem?

ANSWER: Thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The alarm you are hearing on your RV’s Propane Detector/Alarm is called a non-specific alarm.

The alarm could be due to the detector not receiving the proper voltage from your house batteries, which could mean that your house batteries are weak and not providing the proper voltage to the detector. If you are also experiencing this problem when plugged into electric then that eliminates a problem with the house batteries in your RV.

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Propane Detectors do wear out and that is why your Propane Detector has a replacement date on it. Since that date has passed I urge you to replace your RV's Propane Detector. The alarm you are hearing could be a sign that your detector is no longer functioning properly. This detector/alarm is an important part of your RV's safety systems and the replacement date is put on the unit to ensure that you will be properly alerted of any propane leaks in your RV. Failure to replace it is gambling with your safety.

The problem you describe with your Microwave/Convection Oven unit sounds like an internal problem with the unit itself and there is no way I can tell you what has gone wrong with your Microwave/Convection Oven. You either have to take it in for repair or replace it. I am afraid that you may find out that replacing it is going to be the most cost effective option as small appliance repairs can cost a lot more then it would cost to buy a new oven.

I hope this helps.

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