Should I Leave Vents Open When Using My RV's Roof Air Conditioner

by Colin
(BC, Canada)

Why You Should Leave Your RV's Vents Closed When Using Your RV's Roof Air Conditioner

Why You Should Leave Your RV's Vents Closed When Using Your RV's Roof Air Conditioner

My motorhome has ducted AC vents in the ceiling. The cold air goes down of course. My question is, "should I leave the roof vents open to exhaust the hot air?"

ANSWER: Hi Colin, No you should keep all windows and vents closed when operating your RV's Air Conditioner. Now if your RV is super hot on the inside and it is cooler outside, you may want to open up some windows, vents, doors, etc. before turning on the AC unit. Once the excess heat is out of the RV you can close everything up and turn on the Air Conditioner.

Now if your RV was equipped with a Swamp Cooler instead of an air conditioner, then the answer to your question would be yes, because swamp coolers cool more efficiently when some windows and doors are open and the humidity level is low.

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So if keeping windows/vents and doors open works for a swamp cooler; why won't it work for an Air Conditioner? Simply because just like its name implies an RV Air Conditioner conditions the air inside your RV and works more efficiently with windows/vents and doors closed.

Air conditioning units are designed to distribute the correct quantity and quality of air to the interior of your RV. Leaving vents/windows open will actually make your RV's air conditioner work harder and your RV will not get cooled down.

Air conditioners also remove humidity from the air inside of your RV. This prevents dampness and condensation in the RV, which makes the RV more comfortable for everyone. Leaving vents open especially on humid days will reintroduce moisture to the AC system and the RV, again making the AC unit work harder than it really has to.

One of the key ways of making sure that your RVs Air Conditioning unit will continue working efficiently is by performing routine maintenance. RV AC units require both annual and monthly maintenance such as replacing the filter to keep them in tip top shape. The video below will outline these maintenance steps.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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