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How To Teach Your Dog To Potty On Command

"When you're setting up your RV, does your dog embarrass you by “pottying” in places he shouldn't?”

Teach Your Dog to Potty on Command

How To Teach Your Dog To Potty On Command
By Adam G. Katz
(Professional Dog Trainer) 

When you're setting up your RV, does your dog embarrass you by “pottying” in places he shouldn't? 

It's funny, but it's also embarrassing. 

Without an “Elimination Command” your dog is left to guess where and when you want him to “potty”.  Here's how to teach your dog to eliminate on command: 

The trick is to start associating your command word (we use: “Get Busy”) with the behavior your dog is already doing.  What you're going to need to do is: Set up a strict feeding and watering schedule.  If you're not currently traveling, then take your dog out to your backyard on leash, to the same spot and – right after a meal, walk him back and forth and keep repeating the command, “Get busy, Get busy, Get busy” until he eliminates.   

Praise him lavishly, as soon as he finishes his potty break.

Your goal is to start building an association to the command. To start linking the command phrase, “Get busy” with the act of eliminating.  After a couple dozen times, your dog will begin to develop a conditioned response when he hears you begin to repeat the “Get busy” command. 

We're able to take our dogs pretty much anywhere, and within a couple of minutes of giving the command, our dogs will potty-- knowing exactly where WE want them to do it.  

This command is simple to teach and from the dog's perspective, it's just an extension of housebreaking. 

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