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The Check Light On The Dometic Refrigerator In My RV Keeps Coming On.

by Anthony
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

How to Fix RV Fridge Check Light on Problem

How to Fix RV Fridge Check Light on Problem

My check light on my Dometic Refrigerator keeps coming on. It will run on gas for 2-4 hours then the light will come on, then I can switch over to electric and sometimes it will run another 2-3 hours, then after than no matter what I put it on, the check light keeps coming on. Any suggestions? Please email me what I can do. It's on my deer lease and I can't bring it to a dealer to repair until February.

ANSWER: Hi Anthony, I have a pretty good idea of what is going on and I am not the bearer of good news. Even though you do not tell me what model Dometic Fridge you have; the problem you are experiencing is a common one.

In all likelihood the power board on your refrigerator needs to be replaced. There is also a possibility that the entire Dometic Control Board needs to be replaced. This is not a do-it-yourself job and as far as I know there is no work around other then replacing the power board on your refrigerator.

The only thing I can suggest is check in your area to see if there is a mobile RV repair company that can come to you to do the repairs (weather and terrain permitting).

Since I do not know exactly what model Dometic fridge you have, I need to make you aware that there is a major safety recall on certain models of Dometic Refrigerators. This recall is not related to the current problem you are having.

For more information on this recall you should visit the Dometic USA Recall Page. You will be required to provide your fridge’s model number and serial number in order to find out if your refrigerator is subject to the recall.

Even if you were aware of this recall and your fridge was not part of it; you need to recheck with Dometic as they recently expanded the recall to other Dometic models.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on all of this.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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circuit board
by: M.T.H.

Thanks to the info, replacing the Circuit Board fixed my problem, If you have some skills and can follow directions you can do it yourself.

Check light on refrigerator
by: Fran C

Don't know if this would apply to the refrigerator when operating on propane, but we had problems with our heat not working, at times it worked fine and then it wouldn't work at all. We read a full-timers blog and they had the same problem. The fix was to open both propane tanks very slowly and leave them open at the same time. We've not had a problem since then. The same principle might work for the refrigerator.

Fridge check light
by: Jim Kimbell

I had the same problem with the fridge in our travel trailer. I took it to the dealer in west phoenix and he replaced the control board. Problem hasn't happened again.

He charged me $104.00 parts & labor and no more worries.

Dometic Fridge, bad
by: Doug

I have the same problem with my Lance Camper.

Did you ever find a fix

Dometic Fridge won't stay on
by: Joel

My Lance camper was manufactured during the summer of 1996, so my Dometic fridge (Model RM 3663)is not covered by the recall. However, since new this fridge would occasionally not stay on in propane mode while traveling. We have had 7 repairs in the past 13 years totalling over $1100.00. Qualified service techs have replaced PC boards several times, cleaned ground contacts, and replaced the burner electrode. I contacted a Dometic factory rep about the problem in 2008, and he worked with a dealer service tech to check out the fridge. They found nothing wrong, and the factory rep recommended replacing the PC board with a "universal" board. This helped on the following cross country trip, but on a subsequent trip, the check light came on several times while traveling in propane mode, and several times on 12 volt mode. This has been many years of frustration. Any suggestions?

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