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Waste Water Not Draining Out of My RV's Shower

by karen

Why won't water drain out of shower? First time out after winterized.

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The first thing I would suggest you do is to make sure that the grey water tank on your RV is not full. When grey water tanks get overfull, the grey water will start overflowing into the shower and the other sinks in your RV will start draining slowly or not at all.

I also suggest that you not trust the readings on the tank level gauges in your RV as they are notorious for being totally inaccurate. So your best bet is to dump the grey water tank and see if that resolves the drain problem in your shower.

If the grey water tank was actually empty and/or the water still does not drain out of the shower after dumping the grey water tank, then that means you have a clog in the pipes leading from your shower to the grey water tank. Yes, the drain pipes in an RV can get clogged just like the ones in your stick home.

The first thing I would suggest you do is try to use a plunger on the drain to see if you can break the clog loose. If that does not work you may need to get some drain cleaner that is safe to use on PVC pipes. Depending on on the severity of the clog, you may have to repeat the drain cleaning process.

You can also try using a homemade Baking Soda and White Vinegar drain cleaner to unclog the drain. Simply dump as much baking soda as you can into the drain and then pour some White Vinegar into the drain until the baking soda starts to bubble. When the baking soda stops bubbling pour some more vinegar into the drain. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times or until the baking soda no longer bubbles. Now all you do is pour some boiling water down the drain and that should free things up.

Hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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