What Are These Two Switches in My RV's Kitchen?

by Anonymous

What Are These Two Switches in My RV's Kitchen?

What Are These Two Switches in My RV's Kitchen?

I recently purchased a 2007 24' Prowler Classic. There are two switches in the kitchen area that I'm not sure what they're for. One has a lighting bolt and the other is a gas flame. Could you answer my question?

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The two switches in the kitchen of your RV are for your RV's Hot Water Heater which can be operated either by propane or 120 volt electric. When you are not connected to electric and need hot water you would turn on the switch with the flame on it to run the hot water heater on Propane. If you were hooked up to shore power (120 Volts) and you needed hot water you would turn on the switch with the electric volt on it.

Although the switch pictured at the top of this page may not look identical to the one in your RV, this is what they are for.

It should also be noted that not all RV Water Heaters can be operated on electric, some can only be operated on propane only. But, there are some after-market Hot Water Heater Conversion Kits available that can be installed on most RV Water Heaters that will allow them to also use 120 volts to heat the water for your RV.

Now the question crops up which method heats the water faster Propane or Electric? In most cases the propane will heat the water faster than the electric will. Here's a little secret, if you are hooked up to shore power but forgot to turn on your water heater and you have an I Need Hot Water Now Emergency, you can safely use both the Propane and Electric at the same time to speed up the water heating process.

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When you're hooked up to Shore Power at an RV park I would recommend that you keep the electric on for the water heater, it will then function just like your home water heater and you will have hot water when you need it. But, keep in mind that most RV Water Heaters only hold 6 to 10 gallons of water, so if you are planning on taking a long luxurious shower it ain't gonna happen unless you plan to finish up your shower by getting shocked awake from the freezing water coning out of your shower head.

If you are looking for an endless supply of hot water in your RV, you may want to look into getting a Propane Tankless Water Heatericon installed. These tankless water heaters will let you take longer showers, but don't forget you only have so much water capacity in your gray water holding tank, so when your shower stops draining and the water starts rising to your ankles it's time to end the shower and dump the tank. :)

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Rv switchs
by: Liz

Does anyone know what the red light means on this switch?

Atwood On-Demand Hot Water Heater
by: steamyb

I swapped out a 6 gallon Atwood that the previous owner had cut the electric instead of fixing it.
After 8 months, I still can not get the temp adjusted. I either scalding or freeze. I am replacing it with the gas/electric water heater.

Unmarked switch
by: Doug

I just purchased a 1994 27ft StarCraft lumastar travel trailer. By the sink is a switch. It says "on" in the up position, "off" in center position, and "off" in down position. Its a 3 position switch. I image its for the hot water tank. Why the 2 on position s. I can't find anything about this in the manual. Can someone help me ?

Hot water heater
by: Anonymous

So just to know I am hearing this correctly...you need the electric bolt switch on no matter what you use for the hot water heater?

What are these two switches for ?
by: Anonymous

Water heaters are one use for these two switches but some rv's have duel fuel fridges...
Fridges/coolers running on propane / mains and sometimes even battery power as well while driving.
Hope this helps.

Question on hot water switches
by: Sherry

What do the I and O stand for on the switches?

Note from RVing Al: The simple answer is these symbols are not letters they are actually the binary numbers one and zero. The 1 is on and the 0 is off.

Two switches
by: Matt

I have the same question but the two switches do not have a flame or a volt symbol. The are located to the left as you come in the door under the counter top.

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