What Is Causing The Chipping Fiberglass On The Exterior Of My Motorhome?

by Chris
(Yarmouth, NS Canada)

What Is Causing The Chipping Fiberglass On The Exterior Of My Motorhome?

What Is Causing The Chipping Fiberglass On The Exterior Of My Motorhome?

What is causing the exterior walls on my 2005 R-Vision Trail-Lite B+ motorhome to flake? There are dozens of pencil eraser sized flakes of fiberglass popping off. They are primarily located on the passenger side of the coach. Some near the roof line. Some in the middle of the wall, near the fridge?????

And how do I repair these blemishes????

ANSWER: Hi Chris, I cannot tell you exactly what is causing the blistering and chipping on the exterior walls of your motorhome. I can give you some possible causes of the problem.

1. This could be due to some type of chemical that has come in contact with the exterior of your RV causing the Gelcoat to blister or crack.

2. This could be a problem that occurred at the factory when the gelcoat was applied. The fiberglass surface may not have been primed or cleaned properly prior to applying the Gelcoat.

3. You could have a leak in that particular part of the RV and the moisture has gotten into the fiberglass laminate.

4. This could also be the first sign of a serious delamination problem within the walls of your RV.

The fact is I cannot tell you for sure what is actually causing the problem. I would suggest that you take your motorhome in and have it inspected by a Certified RV Technician to see if they can get to the root cause of the blistering and chipping.

The type of repair that is required depends solely on what the root cause of the problem is. The repair could be something as simple as using a Gelcoat Repair Kit to fill in the chipped areas of the Gelcoat.

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I am sorry that I could not give you the exact cause of the problem you are experiencing, but hopefully it will turn out to be something minor.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Chipping, flaking of gelcoat on RV
by: Anonymous

We have a 2001 Winnebago Adventurer with chipping/flaking of the exterior gelcoat. When it first started happening a few years back....we contacted Winnebago....it was due to bad constructed fiberglass...
So we are now starting to clean off the affected areas and applying a gelcoat. We decided to take all the federal off patch the holes and see if a total painting needs done.
If any one has any suggestions please post it.

The Blame Game
by: Wendy Anzulewicz

We had some repairs done to our 2005 Four Winds 31 F and the problem continues in other areas. We were told that Four Winds received a bad batch of Fiberglass and the holes are being formed where gas bubbles are exploding outwards.

Unfortunately delamination then occurs when moisture seeps into these holes. The company that supplied it went bankrupt and since Thor now owns Four Winds nobody wants to take responsibility for this issue. We are now stuck with an RV that will take over $12000.00 to repair. Is worth less than half the amount we have left on the mortgage for it and a whole lot of frustration.

The interior held up well...but with the walls rotting away from the outside in it is only a matter of time before the interior goes.

We are finally retiring in Sept 2016...and are stuck going full time in a deteriorating RV. Bought this RV new, we are the original owners and wish Thor/Four Winds would at least repair the walls at their expense. At this point, I would not recommend any of their products after our experience.

same problem
by: Judy

We have a Citation by General Coach, a Canadian made travel trailer that has developed the same problem. Interestingly though General Coach was purchased by Thor just before our date of manufacture. Sounds to me like the problem could be with Thor and not a maintenance issue!

Four Winds Problem Also
by: Bev

We too purchased a 2006 Four Winds Chateau (used, very low mileage), which soon developed major blisters, mainly on one side. Me thinks Four Winds had gel coat issues, but unfortunately Thor apparently has no interest in dealing with those issues.....

Eraser size chips
by: Jerry Worley

Watch for BB-S or a pellet rifle , mine has a chip like you are describing , Came from some one with a BB gun .

fourwinds rv
by: pat

We purchased a Thor Fourwinds motorhome 6 months ago from Town and Country RV center in Clyde, OH.
It is a 2007 with 16,000 miles on it. It now has holes all over it. I have contacted Fourwinds and they say it is a maintenance issue. How can you know this is going to happen. How prevalent is this issue?

Wouldn't the bubbles that are popping happen at the factory. Moisture could not have gotten behind the gel coat if it was applied right, don't you think. The cost to repair this is huge. Any suggestions?

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