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What's the Best GPS for RVing

by Anonymous

What is the best GPS for RVing?

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When my family and I first started RVing in the early 70s there was no such thing as portable GPS units for cars or RVs, so of course our only option was to use individual maps, a Road Atlas or an occasional stop at a gas station to get directions.

Once I acquired my first Laptop Computer I started to use Microsoft Streets and Trips on the laptop to get where I was going and I always ended up buying a new edition of Microsoft Streets and Trips about every two years or so; so that everything would stay up to date.

When I got my first Android Smart Phone I totally abandoned Street and Trips and started using Google Maps for my RV navigation. Why do I like Google Maps? First and foremost, it's free and it meets my needs.

OK I know that this is not the answer you are probably looking for. Yes, there are stand alone GPS units designed exclusively for RVers, but I cannot give you a personal recommendation on any of them since I have not personally used one.

Since I cannot be of great help on this topic, I am going to open up this question to our visitors. If they have a recommendation for an RV GPS unit they can share it by adding a comment to this page by clicking on the "Click Here To Post Comments" link located near the bottom of this page.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Best Apps For RV Travel
by: Sky River RV

We just posted a few of the best apps for RV travel to our website here:


Hopefully, you all will find those suggestions as helpful as we did!

An RV specific GPS helps
by: Stormy

Garmin 760 LMT

One of the best things about an RV specific GPS unit. In my opinion, is that you may enter the height of your RV or camping trailer in the GPS unit. It'll then use that info to route you without directing you to a low bridge. If that saves you from from having to turn around, or worse yet, from hitting a low bridge just one time, it'll be money well spent.

One such unit is the Garmin 760 LMT. As the suffix denotes, it comes with free Lifetime Map updates (LM) and Traffic updates (the T in LMT).

None of the RV GPS units are inexpensive, but they can be found for sale almost anywhere. This one is on Amazon here: Garmin-760LMT-Portable-GPS It sells for just under $350 with free shipping.

Having used at least 6 different Garmin GPS units over the past 25 years or so, I'm familiar with their setup and operation. I've also had great experiences using their customer service when one of their units failed. So I'm comfortable recommending a Garmin unit.

Note, however, that they also make a backup camera that connects wirelessly to the 760. I've read several reports of the lack of quality in the camera image on these units, especially for the relatively high cost of their cameras. So I'd steer clear of them until Garmin figures out how to make better cameras.

Best of luck,

Bill is Correct.....
by: Anonymous

... when he recommends using a truckers GPS. Those units will set a route that keeps you away from bridges having low clearances.

It would be great if everyday GPS units/Google Maps software had a preference setting for avoiding low clearance bridges but they don't. Bet that tour bus driver who crashed a double decker bus into a low clearance bridge somewhere in New York state a few years back wished he had used a truckers GPS unit instead of the everyday GPS unit that he was using.

best gps
by: roadster27

I own an older garmin gps which served me well for about 5 years and I still use it for short trips but I treated myself to a new garmin about a year ago and it came with free updates for life so I will probably keep it for a long time , it has a 5 inch screen with freeway pictures of turn offs and speed limit settings which are a great help , and we take it on our trips to usa and mexico as well when we fly and rent a car for sight seeing , both have text driving instructions as well as voice.

I tried a couple of other brands but found them to have wrong instructions as well as poor location (they said I was driving in the ditch or told me to turn at turn offs that did not exist)

by: garmin fan

Garmin hands down. It has the quickest update. You can plan your trip on basecamp and upload it to your garmin unit. I have used two other brand gps in my motorhome and no doubt garmin is the best.

Rand McNally Truckers GPS
by: Bill

After coming up on a 10'5" bridge with an 11'6" trailer, we decided to upgrade from our OnStar system to a Rand McNally Truckers GPS. So far it has yet to route us wrong. There is a lot of built in overhead dealing with drive times etc. but it is only a mere annoyance.

I have heard there is a new Rand McNally RV system out there. Hopefully I can check one of these out at the next RV show and compare.

A Niche Market
by: JL

GPS for RV's is a bit of a specialty market. Like so many of the aftermarket parts for RV's they are overpriced. The large screens are good for those windshields that are often several feet away. They do have custom features like campground listings, built-in checklists and route selection for high profile vehicles. I own a 2 year old Rand McNally GPS for RV's and the performance is mediocre. In my opinion a dedicated RV or trucker GPS is a good investment, but do your research on websites like Amazon to see how they are rated.

by: Anonymous

The GPS units designed especially for RVers are, in my opinion, overpriced. We almost "treated" ourselves to one, about a year ago. However, I started reading the reviews of the various units and decided that cost could not justify the value.

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