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Where Can I Get Replacement Gaskets For Leaking Windows on a Roadtrek Motorhome?

by Jennifer Wehking
(Martin, GA)

I have a '91 Roadtrek Home and Park 210 model that needs (desperately) replacement gaskets for the windows. I have duct taped (no kidding) the outside edges of each of the three windows in an effort to keep the rain out. Roadtrek is of no help.

ANSWER: Greetings Jennifer thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am sorry that you are going through this. I am very surprised that you contacted Roadtrek Motorhomes Incorporated directly and they were not able to tell you where to order the window gaskets you were looking for.

If the gaskets are still available any Roadtrek Dealer that has a service and parts department should be able to order the replacement gaskets for you.

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If all else fails I suggest that you take your Roadtrek to a reputable Auto Glass Installation Retailer in your area and have them look at the windows. I am sure that they would be able to custom make gaskets that will work on your windows. This may be a more costly alternative but at least it will eliminate the leaks.

I hope this helps.

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91 Roadtrek roof leaks.
by: Victor Brown.

We have had our 91 Roadtrek Versatile for thirteen years. We soon had new roof Windows professionally installed. The leaks reduced, but sadly continued. When the leaks got out of control again, we had a Roadtrek dealer install new, slightly larger Windows. Again the roof leaks reduced, but continued. Our permanent fix involves a full size dehumidifier that removes about a gallon a week all winter long. Our total expended to date on professional roof leak repairs is close to $4,000 (yes). Because of the shallow slope, the upper windows form ponds next to the lower seal area. The tight corner radius prevents the standard rubber seals from maintaining a seal, so the leaks are designed in. A professionally engineered window would require probably require a metal ring held down by bolts, but in the meantime the dehumidifier keeps the intentior dry.
However, the Roadtrek offers a unique combination of mobility and comfort without the typical RV a/c on the roof appearance. We have added over 100k miles and keep it in excellent mechanical condition, and have no plan to replace it.

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