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Where Can I get Slideout Seals For My RV?

by Mick
(Las Vegas)

I have a 2000 Alfa Ideal 5th wheel & desperately need the rubber seals around both pop-outs replacing, but I can't find a dealer who stocks these items.

Does anyone have the address/web-site of whoever took over from Alfa with their spares, or are the seals a universal fitting?

las Vegas

ANSWER: Greetings Mick thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Since the manufacturer of your 5th wheel is no longer in business, I doubt very seriously if anyone can tell you where their supplies of surplus parts have gone. But I am sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for on one of the links I have provided below.

RV Slide Out Seals On eBay. All of these seals Have Buy It Now Prices so you do not have to do any bidding.

Slideout Seals From Pelland Enterprises.

RV Slideuut Seal From RVGods Parts Store

Hopefully you have found the right seal on one of the websites listed above. I am going to assume that the reason that you are replacing the seals is because they have become cracked and dry. Once you get the new seals installed you should start treating the new seals at least every two months with Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner to prevent this from happening again.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Comments for Where Can I get Slideout Seals For My RV?

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Slide out seals
by: Ingy

Went to Alfateers website and only found front door parts , wheel parts and one seal...nothing doesn't look anything like what is on it now....will any of the other seals on the web be useable...

RV slide seals
by: jerry

The seals you need are very common. Just about any RV dealer have them in stock or can get them.

alfa parts
by: Anonymous

We found parts for our 2000 Alfa from Alfateers in California.

parts for Alfa's
by: Steve

A company called Alfateers bought all Alfa's inventory.909 428 6696

place to get Alpha RV seals
by: Anonymous

there is a rv repair company in CA. called ALPHATEERS. they are the people that worked at alpha's maufacturing plant. they stock all alpha parts. you can find them on the web. I have a ALPHA GOLD and thats where i get my stuff.

Thank-you Alfateers
by: Anonymous

I actually got the seals from the people who took over the Alfa franchise called ALFATEERS.
It's located in Clifornia, they are very reasonable, & you usually get your parts in a week or less.

Alfa Parts
by: Anonymous

Some ex Alfa employees have started a company called Alfateers. You can pretty much get any Alfa parts from them

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