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Which Holding Tank Is Which On My RV?

by Thomas Thompson
(San Diego, Ca.)

I just emptied both holding tanks on my 1990 Fleetwood Tioga RV. On the control panel the system shows holding tank 1 empty, and holding tank 2 full. Which number tank is the black water, and which number is the gray?

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Tank 1, Tank 2
by: AnonymouSteves

The large pipe drain is black
The smaller pipe drain is gray.
But the original question was;
On the panel the switch is labeled "Tank 1" and "Tank 2".
He wants to know is Tank 1 gray water?, Is tank 2 Black water?
I THINK some Einstein labeled Tank 2 black tank corresponding to what is in that tank.
Tank 1 for gray water.

Holding tanks
by: Anonymous

You folks still haven't answered his question... easy way to remember..

When you go #2 that's your sh*tter tank
#1 is your grey water

tank handles
by: Anonymous

I just bought a 1993 tioga and the handles are different the black tank is a large handle while the grey one is smaller

RE: Holding Tank
by: Anonymous

I may be wrong, but I don't think he was asking about the valve. I think he was asking about the control panel indicator. If his are like mine, the control panel indicators are labeled Tank 1 and Tank 2. A real genius came up with that idea. So now I have to wait till I get both tanks full and empty one and look to see if tank 1 or tank 2 is empty, then label them. My dealer didn't even know. Never buy anything from a dealer. Stupid is as stupid does. I think I'm him sometimes.

by: Papatony

I have no idea which tank is which on your rig, but you can figure it out, just the way I did when we bought a used travel trailer with no manual:
Assuming both tanks are currently empty, at an appropriate location,
1. Connect the sewer hose
2. Open ONLY ONE of the tank dump valves
3. Run water in one of the sinks
4. Check to see if water is running out of the "stinky slinky"

If water runs out of the sewer hose while you have the sink water running, label the tank valve you have open as "gray". Obviously, the other tank should be labelled "black".

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