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Why Do The Coils On My RV's Air Conditioner Keep Freezing Up?

by Brad
(Houston, TX)

My Coleman A/C freezes up, the coils are clean, on high blow, I set A/C to 75 during the day no problem. At night it is set to 70. Depending on the ambient temp it may freeze up, it simply won't cycle. Yesterday it would cycle off not on. I had to keep setting the temp lower to get the A/C to come on. The temp inside the RV was 78 after 30 minutes and still not on. Eventually I set the temp at 60 and came on ran all night got cold and froze up.

Greetings Brad thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

My best guess is that you have a bad thermostat on the A/C. I am opening up this question to our visitors since I am not real familiar with Coleman Air Conditioners. Maybe one of our visitors have had the same problem and can give you information on how they fixed it.

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Happy RVing

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Coleman AC
by: Anonymous

My AC keeps freezing up . Had a tech come out and called RV tech where I bought my Keystone .. they all say air flow they put silver tape around air intake side said air was getting to out air flow side . Tech came out twice but AC still freezes up and they say nothing is wrong with AC .Could it be the medal plate on out flow side that makes the air flow thru the air ducts in Rv I have 7 vents thru out RV ..

Coleman Mach 15
by: Anonymous

Having same trouble on my brand new puma 2017 ---first time using my camper ---unit keeps freezing up jacked trailer up a little in front seemed to help a little but still freezing up

RV ac freezing up
by: Rob

A/C freezes up because:
1. Dirty
2. Weak fan capacitor or restricted air flow
3. Weak compressor or low refrigerant

30 years experience in HVAC. Start with the first 2 because those are most common cause for freeze ups barring component failure.

Number 3 is troublesome for non professionals.
I suggest making sure 1 and 2 are taken care of because it's inexpensive and doable. 3 involves soldering access valves and using gauges and seals system evaluations which no one does due to expense. Most RV air conditioners are evaluated by temperature drops, amp draw and serviceability.
Sometimes troubleshooting a sealed system can cost half the price of new. Deal with someone you trust.

rv coils freezing
by: david

i have the same issue. i think its my thermostat or the freeze sensor located on my evap coil.

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