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Pros and Cons of Gas Motor Homes and Tow Vehicles

"A gas engine is cheaper to maintain"

Pros and Cons of Gas Motor Homes and Tow Vehicles

Are Gas Motorhomes Or Tow Vehicles The Right Choice For You?

By Alan Wiener
Editor: Everything About RVing

You are the one that ultimately has to answer this question.  I will help you by providing the Pros and Cons of having a motorhome or tow vehicle powered by a gas engine.

Gas Engine Pros and Cons


  • A gas powered Motor Home or tow vehicle initially costs less to purchase (saving money is always a good thing).
  • A gas engine is cheaper to maintain (parts and service cost less).
  • Gas powered Motor Homes or tow vehicles are more do it yourself friendly (if you are comfortable working on gas engines, you will be better able to perform routine maintenance yourself)
  • Gas Motor Homes and tow vehicles are quieter than diesel (some folks debate this, but it has been our experience that they are generally quieter).


  • Gas powered Motor Homes and tow vehicles have a lower life-span than Diesel powered vehicles.
  • Gas powered vehicles are not as fuel efficient as diesel, on average they have a lower MPG rating.
  • A gas Motor Home or tow vehicle does not retain it's value as well a diesel powered vehicle (shorter life-span and less MPG equals less value retention).

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  • Gas engines produce more CO2 emissions (CO2 is considered to be the catalyst to global warming).
  • Gas engines lose power with altitude (when you are climbing them there hills the diesel Motor Homes will be passing you by).
  • Gas engines and chassis generally have less towing and carrying capacity than a diesel engine and chassis.
  • Gas Motorhomes have fewer floor plan choices than diesel Motorhomes. They also do not have the luxurious interiors that are reserved for diesel Motorhomes (but, with the money you save on initial purchase you can always add this stuff yourself)
  • Gas motorhomes do not ride as nice as a Diesel Motorhomes. Diesel Motorhomes have beefier chassis and suspension systems that usually provide a smoother ride.
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Hopefully, the above information will be helpful in steering you in the right direction.  If you have decided that a gas engine is the right type of engine for you, you should now head over to the Buying a RV section of this web site to get some more helpful hints.  One thing is for sure you will never regret becoming an RVer regardless of the type of engine you choose.

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