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How Can I Tell If My RV's Converter Is Bad?

How can I tell if my converter is bad? When I am connected to 50amp service my lights seem to switch back and forth to 12 volt.

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I am not really sure that I understand your question. The lights and other 12 Volt DC appliances in your RV always run on 12 Volt DC.

When your RV is not plugged into electric the RV's house batteries provide the 12 volt power. When you are plugged into electric your RV's converter takes over the job of supplying the 12 Volt power to your lights, water pump, furnace blower motor, etc.

A sure sign of having a converter problem is if the lights in your RV start to go dim when your RV is plugged into electricity.

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Power Converter
by: Anonymous

If you are plugged in to a 50 amp service, do you need a power converter? why?

12 volt system
by: Anonymous

12 volt system will NOT work if I am not plugged in

12 volt system will not work on battery
by: Anonymous

My problem is that my 12 volt devices do not work if I am plugged in. Help

by: marion

Converter seem to be going bad air would not come on hooked up batt, charger up lights came on air also would batt be bad or converter

Camper converter
by: christie

all of the lights in the camper work they don't go dim till the air conditioner is turned on does this mean the converter is going bad or could there be another problem

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