RV Refrigerator is Not Cold Enough

by Anonymous

Help Your RV's Fridge Keep Its Cool

Help Your RV's Fridge Keep Its Cool

The refrigerator in our 1994 Wilderness travel trailer doesn't get very cold. The freezer freezes great but the bottom doesn't get very cold on the electric. Is there something that we can try?

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ANSWER: This is a common complaint with RVers. The fact that your refrigerator is not getting cold enough while using electric could be an indication that there is a problem with the refrigerator itself, but before you go to the expense of taking your travel trailer in and having the fridge checked out there a couple of things you can try.

The problem could be that the cold air in your refrigerator is not getting circulated. Unlike home refrigerators most RV refrigerators do not come equipped with a circulation fan. There are battery operated RV Refrigerator Fan that can greatly improve the cooling efficiency of your RV's fridge. Installing a RV Fridge Vent Fan will also increase the efficency of the refrigerator.

I would also suggest that you perform some routine maintenance on your fridge. Watch the video below from RVing Expert Mark Polk for more great information on RV Refrigerators.

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If the cooling does not improve after trying these steps, you may have to take your RV to a Certified RV Technician and have them diagnose and repair the problem.

I hope this helped.

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by: LG

I appreciate this article. My camper refrigerator, less than a year old, does not cool when traveling, and if stopped for a couple of days, everything freezes.

My solution
by: Anonymous

I rotate a few frozen water bottles in the door. It's much better now.

RV Refrigerator Superchargers
by: Dick Reed

The first time we used the rv refigerator in our new, used, motorhome I noticed the unit just couldn't really handle the task. I did the dollar bill test on the door gaskets. They failed miserably. Below is what I saw as the only logical and feasible solution to my deilmma.

I cut the seals off of the doors, and installed new adhesive backed gaskets I got from Grainger. I didn't try to skimp. I got D-shaped gaskets of sufficient size. I cut them at a 45 degree angle in the corners and left a little gap between them. I filled the gaps with silicone caulk and allowed them to dry thoroughly.

I then bought two used 12 volt computer tower fans at the flea market for five dollars. I mounted them in the outside compartment directly below the coils and wired them to the gas valve. The current draw is very minimal on these fans, and the refrigerator works great now.

40 degrees
by: Anonymous

Fridge is still not cold enough,with an additional fan! Guess I'll blame it on AZ heat! But it's been this way thru several states!! I never spend time with door open, like I used to tell the kids, "shut the door there's nothing in there moving, it's boring!"

not cold enough
by: Anonymous

OK, so we took our motorhome in for warranty work. One complaint was fridge not cold enough. 45 degrees, set on coldest setting. The shop tested and said it needed a new cooling unit which was installed. Great, it is now down to 43, still not cold enough!!

Cold fridge
by: Anonymous

We use the fridge fan works great and remember don't stand with the door open! get in, get out.

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