RV Education Videos
by RV Expert Mark Polk

RV Education Videos
by RV Expert Mark Polk

All of the videos below are produced by Mark Polk of RV Education 101. They are professionally produced and give you clear how-to instructions on using and maintaining your Recreation Vehicle (RV). RV Education 101 owners Mark and Dawn Polk felt there was not enough emphasis placed on properly educating the RV consumer on the complexities of owning and operating an RV. So they created this series of videos to bridge that RV information gap.

Learn about your RV and RVing with the Go For The RV Gold Online RV Training Series by RVing Expert Mark Polk

In the video below Mark Polk tells you all about his educational videos.

All of the videos on this page can be downloaded to your computer instantly, saving you both time and money. So go ahead and explore what they have to offer.

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Class A Motor Home 101

Class A Motor Home 101: Topics covered in this video download include: weights, leveling, complete set up procedures, LP gas system, water system, electrical system, sewage system, generator, appliances, accessories, safety cautions and warnings and much more.

Class C Rental / Owner

Class C Rental / OwnerTopics covered in this video download include: maintenance checks, driving tips, towing, campground registration and complete set up procedures, LP gas, water, electric, appliances, accessories and safety cautions and warnings.

RVing 101 Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance

Deep Cycle Battery Care & MaintenanceLet RV Expert Mark Polk walk you through the step-by-step process to understanding lead acid batteries, battery ratings, battery types, sizes and configurations, battery maintenance, testing, charging, storage and more. Whether you own an RV or a boat you can watch this DVD as often as you need, making battery care and maintenance simple to do and easy to understand

RVing 101 Drive your Motorhome Like a Pro

Drive your Motorhome Like a ProDrive Your Motorhome Like a Pro is your complete video guide to professional driving techniques for beginners to experienced drivers. It takes commercial driving training techniques and converts them to layman's terms, and it explains basic rules so you can apply them to any vehicle you might drive.

RVing 101 EZ RV Upgrades

EZ RV UpgradesThis is a must have video for every RVer. Now that you have purchased your RV, let RV expert, Mark Polk, help you discover what products are available to help protect you, your investment, and improve the efficiency of your RV. Learn what water filter will most efficiently protect your drinking water from harmful bacteria and why, and what will protect your electronic equipment and appliances from high or low campground voltage and much, much, more.

Marks Recommended 10 minute RV Essential Items

Marks Recommended 10 minute RV Essential Items: Even after receiving the RV Dealer "Starter Kit", it can be disappointing and frustrating to get to the campground and discover you don't have the essential items you need for your RV. To assist "new RVers" RV Expert Mark Polk has developed what he refers to as his recommended "RV Essential Items List." These are not the nice to have items; they are the essential items to make you RV experiences more relaxing and trouble free. Most of these essential items are available at your local RV dealership.

Pop Up 101

Pop Up 101Thousands of campers enjoy camping each year in their pop-up campers. Why not be one of them? Let the Pop Up 101 video/DVD help make your camping experience simple, easy and safe. Topics covered in this video include: complete set-up procedures, campground hook-ups, LP gas, water, electric, appliances, accessories, tips on backing and safety cautions and warnings.

RV Awning Use, Care & Accessories

RV Awning Use, Care & Accessories RV Expert Mark Polk walks you through the step-by-step process to using, caring for & accessorizing your RV awnings. Polk explains the different types of RV awnings and awning fabrics, and how to properly clean & inspect the awning fabric & hardware. Next he demonstrates how to use the awnings on your RV & how to install a window awning in six easy steps.

RV Campground Basics

RV Campground BasicsHow do you find RV campgrounds, parks and resorts? Should you make reservations before leaving on a trip? How do you register when you arrive at the campground? What kind of site should you request? Do you need a partial hook up or a full hook up? How do you set the RV up at the campground? What does campground etiquette mean? How do you determine the right camping club or camping network for you?  This video will answer all of these questions and more.

RV Safety Features, Tips & Tricks

RV Safety Features, Tips & TricksLet RV expert Mark Polk walk you through the step-by-step process to understanding the safety features on your RV, and what you can do to enhance your personal safety when using your RV. Learn all about LP gas, water & electrical system safety, RV fire safety, carbon monoxide safety, RV emergency escape plans, RV emergency weather planning and more in this easy to understand video format.

RV Care & Maintenance

RV Care & MaintenanceLet Mark Polk show you how easy it is to properly maintain and care for your RV in this information packed DVD. This DVD is loaded with information on the proper care and maintenance for the interior of your RV, the exterior of your RV, RV appliances, LP gas system, water system, electrical system, RV generators, RV batterys, chassis & frame and RV tires. An ounce of prevention can save you time, money and headaches.

Trailer Towing, Weights, Hitch Work and Backing

Trailer Towing, Weights, Hitch Work and BackingGet your notebooks out and let RV Expert Mark Polk teach you some tips and techniques to make towing much easier. How to properly match your tow vehicle to a trailer is the first step, learning the terminology is next. Proper and safe hitch work is a must and now we can hit the road. Demonstration is shown on a travel trailer. There is a fifth wheel hitching portion, with demonstration on a fifth wheel.

Towing Behind Your Motorhome

Towing Behind Your MotorhomeThis video will demonstrate everything you need to know about towing behind a motor home in an easy to understand format. The goal with this video download is to help you learn how to properly tow a vehicle, and to assist you in making the right decisions to meet your particular towing needs. Let RV expert Mark Polk, help you to thoroughly understand all of your motorhome towing options.

Winterizing and Storing your RV

Winterizing and Storing your RVWinterizing the RV protects the RVs water system, but what about the tires, batteries, generator, chassis storage, coach storage and other components that can be damaged if they are not properly prepared for short or long term storage? You will see detailed step by step instructions on how to properly winterize and store your RV.

Travel Trailer/5th Wheel 101

Travel Trailer/5th Wheel 101 Topics covered in this DVD include: complete set up procedures, hitch work, leveling, campground setup, LP gas system, water system, electrical system, sewage system, appliances, accessories and safety cautions and warnings. Demonstration is shown on both a travel trailer and 5th wheel where appropriate. Watch RV expert Mark Polk as he gives you a personal travel trailer or 5th wheel orientation. You too will soon be a pro!


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