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The Tent Trailer is a Tent With Class

"Roughing It In Style"

The Tent Trailer is a Tent With Class

Is a Tent Trailer AKA Camping Trailer the right RV for you? 

See if this description fits you.  You like traditional tent camping but:

1. When you are setting up your tent you realize that the center pole that holds up the whole tent is sitting on the floor of your garage at home.

2.  Your sleeping bag is not as soft as it used to be.

3.  Your tired of all the bugs crawling all over you at night.

4.  All the dirt from outside the tent is now inside the tent.

5.  The scrambled eggs you cooked outside have a peculiar crunchy texture, sort of like chewing on sand.

6.  The partner that you camp with snores so loud that the Park Ranger comes to your tent to remind you about the 10:00 PM noise curfew.

7.  After you break down camp you realize that the tent no longer fits back in the vehicle you brought it in.

If this describes you, then you are ready for a Tent Trailer.  It will solve 6 of the 7 problems.  To solve the problem of the snorer, you need to leave that person home when going camping.

What is a Tent/Camping Trailer?

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A Tent Trailer is a small lightweight foldable trailer that can virtually be towed by any vehicle.  It is also known as a Camping Trailer, Pop Up Trailer or Folding Trailer. Although, it is the most inexpensive of the RVs, it still comes with some of the amenities that you would find in a more expensive trailer.  Depending on the model of Folding Trailer, you could have a propane system, a 120 volt electrical system, a fresh water and waste water tank.  They are also equipped with a small stove, furnace, sink, refrigerator or ice box (uses blocks of ice to keep food cold).  Some models also include porta-potties (this is not your traditional bathroom). Depending on model, you can sleep up to 8 people.  Some models even have king size beds.

The roof of the Pop Up trailer is usually solid, the walls are made of canvas, some of the more expensive models have composite or fiberglass walls.  These trailers have one thing in common, when you are done using them they all fold down to become a low profile trailer. 

The bottom line is that a Folding Trailer is ideal for individuals or families that are looking to move out of their tents into an RV. 

Tent Trailer PROS and CONS


  • Least expensive of all RVs
  • Very lightweight can be towed by virtually any vehicle (except a Yugo)
  • Fuel economy can be excellent depending on tow vehicle used
  • Tow vehicle can be used for running errands and local sightseeing
  • Very easy to maneuver, can be towed to areas that larger trailers can't go
  • DMV registration costs less than most RVs
  • Requires very little storage space when not in use
  • Easier to setup than a tent (actually anything is easier than setting up a tent)
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  • Cannot use trailer facilities while moving (remember? it folds down)
  • Very little storage space
  • Not insulated for extreme heat or cold (but, still better than a tent)

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