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We Love RVing Because Our First Camping Trip Was In A Tent

by Stoney Meagher

We Love RVing Because Our First Camping Trip Was In A Tent

We Love RVing Because Our First Camping Trip Was In A Tent

We Love RVing Because Our First Camping Trip Was In A Tent
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Why we love RVing? Let me tell you a story. I took my wife and kids tent camping once. We have a nice size tent and lots of things to pack. We got to our campground and was put right in the middle of a group of people that were camping together. I don’t think they even understood the word etiquette or what it meant.

They did not follow the campground rules and were making our trip miserable. I went to the campground office and asked if we could move. The site they wanted to put us in was not any better. We went back to the office and pleaded with them to let us move. The best they could offer was a spot at the end of the campground in the overflow area. At this point I was ready to anything, even head home. They handed me a map and showed me where to go to see the area. The wife, I, and the kids headed off to see this over flow area.

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This area happened to be at the end of the campground past the RV section. The RV area was nice and quiet. The people were friendly. This looked like a place we wanted to be. But we did not have an RV.

The overflow area was nice because no one was there. Our camping trip turned out to be nice in the end but we quickly realized that we were not tent kind of people. Shorty after this trip we bought our first travel trailer.

We have upgraded twice now and have a very nice 5th wheel. We have met some great people in our travels and enjoy RVing very much.

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Candy Coleman Kimbell: We started out in a tent, also. Then went to a cab over camper, next to a motorhome, next to a 5th wheel.
Love it!!!!

Skip Rinker: I also started years back in a tent with my parents. Didn't do it again for many years, then bought an Airstream. I am now in a 36 foot fifthwheel. Just can't see myself living in any other way. My home is always right there with me......where ever there is...

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