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Where Can I Get Parts For My RV's Power Gear Slide Out System?

by Linda
(Lake Havasu City, AZ)

The gear needs to be replaced in the motor for the room slide on our 1998 National Dolphin. We are having trouble finding any place to purchase a replacement gear or motor without going through a dealer. We can replace the gears ourselves if we could find them. Any idea where we could buy the gears? The Power Gear part number is 520-317 but they do not sell to the general public. Does anyone else make one that will work?

ANSWER: Greetings Linda thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The best place to find parts for your Power Gear Leveling system is eBay. There are a lot of Power Gear Parts on eBay. Most of the parts available have "Buy It Now Prices" so there is no bidding required.

I am going to assume that you are absolutely sure that you need to replace the gears on your slide out. If when you try to move the slide out in and out you hear the slide out motor running but the slide out is not moving then the problem could be a broken shear pin on the gear itself.

Broken shear pins are a common problem on mechanical slide out systems. You can find shear pins that will fix your problem at your local Home Improvement store such as Home Depot, etc. In fact a lot of RVers carry spare shear pins with them just in case this happens to them while on the road.

I just thought I would throw that out there so that you do not end up spending a lot more money then you need to fix your slide out problem.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Comments for Where Can I Get Parts For My RV's Power Gear Slide Out System?

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by: R Humble

I have a 2003 Fleetwood Providence and the power gear slide motor electric brake has gone bad. Does anyone know where I can get just the brake?

national dolphin
by: sandee

Could someone answer the fuse question someone asked.
I have a 1997 dolphin and need to find fuse.
I can't find anything on our model.520015
Thanks for any help...


PHONE: 606-843-9889

We have over 400 salvage homes on our lot, 2 warehouses of clean, tested parts and a full service department.

Give us a call :)

Klauber gear, 12V motors, & hydraulic cylinders
by: Grover

Our company co-developed the first room slide out, and have been repairing/replacing cylinders for more than 30 years. Contact us for repair or general questions. See us at

power gear slide motor 522895 S
by: terry vigen

looking for a power gear slide motor for 2002 wilderness travel trailer. couch slide.

replacement Assy. Motor is suppose to be 522895 S

thanks in advance

2001 trailbay slide out motor
by: rick

i am looking for a motor or replacement for a 2001 trailbay 27ds the motor was made by atwood moblle ( they are of no help atwood) they said it was only made for a a yr or 2 and have no info on it. the mod # is mpd 67328. sure could use some help, thanks

We Make New RV Slide Out Gears.
by: Al Meekins

Linda, I am Al meekins We have made lots of RV slide out gears for people. They send me the old gear as a sample and we make a new one. Some times they send the gearbox and we make and install the gear. Al 856 858 6421

Slide out woes for a National RV 1999
by: Zelda

Also looking for help with my 99 National Tropical slide out. went out,,won't come in. Am trying to locate the fuse for the slide.. I have no manuals on the rig and am unable to obtain any it seems for my National RV. Crossing the motor it works fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.

TJ Need #521976 slide out motor
by: Grover

We have been successful in finding original replacement 12V motors for room slides and hydraulic pumps. Where there is no replacement we are in the trial mode for a company that is going to take a shot at making a repair. Will know how successful this will be in about 2 weeks.

Custom Cylinders International, Inc.

We help start the slide out concept
by: Grover Taylor

We co-developed the first system that used 2 hydraulic cylinders to move the room out on an old Pace Arrow motor home. The HYDRA-SLIDE company contacted us to prototype their system, and it worked great.

Fleetwood then used our cylinder on ALL of their RV models that had room slides. We also developed hydraulic roof lifts systems for pop-up campers that Coachmen Clipper and Viking campers. We are now providing replacement obsolete cylinders, gears, and actuators for Power Gear and other manufacturers.

Your problem might be solved by repair, not replacement, of the cylinder or part.

We are a manufacturer that sells directly to the public, at very reasonable repair/replacement parts. Visit us at for info, or call 800-779-5544 Engineering Dept. We also can provide Power Gear replacement parts.

Power gear 520317
by: Messdk

Make sure its the gear I have the same problem and found the gear cover at the bearing the hole is long aged

Powergear slide out motor 521976
by: Tj

I looking for a replacement motor or something that is quaveliant to the slide out motor. The part # is 521876. I tried to contact power gear but they want sell one to an individual. Is there away I can rebuild the motor? Please help tjleitch@

Slide out parts
by: pjoz98

Barker Mfg. makes some as well as Venture Mfg. Co.
Lippert Mfg puts them all togethe and sells them. I ordered from Venture and they are cheaper.

Thanks Paul

Klauber Gear parts
by: Sepp Porter

I am in need of gearbox cover for a Klauber mod # K01368b6oo I have seen the brand used for slideout camper equipment
IT is a single shaft box with the shaft on the side away from the electric motor . Pictures are avaiable if you might have the thing I need
Motor itself is not needed so a burnt out one would work

please contact Sepp at the gearbox is used in a van for a wheelchair ramp there is a stamped number of E10 on the side of the box

Power Gear Box Dolphin RV slideout
by: Gail

We live in Colorado and also have the same problem. Could Linda who also has this problem contact me at Power Gear wants to sell the full assembly to us when we only need the gear box. The cost will be about a thousand dollars. What a rip off this is since we do not need the motor.

Slidout Gear
by: RV Mech Tech

Linda - if you do conclude that you need the mechanical gear for the slidout look in the yellow pages for an industrial parts supplier that supplies these type of parts (gears, bearings etc.) and they may be able to find one or tell you where you can find one- with older RVs some parts ar no longer available from the manufacturer but a lot of these parts are purchased from outside vendors and assembled on the RV when it was manufactured - if the RV manufacturer tells me that the part is no longer available I go to the aftermarket parts sources to find what I need.

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