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What Are The Top Ten RVing Destinations?
May 21, 2009

What Are The Top Ten RVing Destinations?

Issue 007 - May 2009

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You Know You Are A Real RVer When?

More People Are Telling Us Why They Love RVing

What's The Funniest Thing That Has Ever Happened To You When You Have Been RVing Or Camping?

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Top Ten RV Destinations

What Is Your Favorite RVing Destination?

Special Report

On June 12th 2009 All TV Channels Convert To Digital Signals, Here Is All The Information You Need To Know To Make Sure You Will Be Able To Still Watch TV In Your RV Or Even Your Home.  There Is A Lot Of Good Stuff Here

Monthly RV Safety Tip

How To Choose A Safe Campsite For Your RV

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As usual our Ask An RV Question section has been very busy this month. We have received numerous questions. Take a look below at some of the questions we have received.

How Do I Stop My RVs Awning From Blowing Open While Driving?

What Can We Do To Keep Our RVs Black Water Holding Tank From Clogging Up?

What Is The Best Truck To Use To Tow A 5th Wheel?

When Were The First Fifth Wheel Trailers Built?

How Can We Get Rid Of The Potty Smell In Our RV?

Our RV Manufacturer Is Bankrupt And We Have Warranty Work That Needs To Be Done, What Can We Do?

Don't forget you can add your comments or suggestions to the above question.  Each question page has an add a comment link located near the bottom of the page.  Adding your comment or tip will help other RVers

If you have questions about RVs, RVing or the RVing Lifestyle? You can ask them now. If you would like to view more of the questions we have been asked, or leave a comment, you can find the questions already asked directly under the Ask An RV Question Form. We urge your participation.

We have added some more articles to our RV Lifestyle Articles Page.

RV Road Trip – Ways To Save

Making RV Travel Eco Friendly

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You Know You Are A Real RVer When?

Do you have an answer to this question? I bet you do, so let's have a little fun.

I plan to post an article on our website with the best answers to this question.

If you want to be a part of this article all you have to do is submit your answer on our Contact Us Page.

The rules are simple your answer should be less than 200 characters in length and no profanity please. If you have other RVing friends that would like to participate just send them to our Contact Us Page.

The deadline to submit your answer is Sunday, June 7th. The article will go up on our website a couple of days after the deadline. So fill in the blanks

You Know You Are A Real RVer When _____

Here are a couple of examples of what has already been submitted to me on Twitter.

NitroJohn: You know you're a Real RVer when you install slide outs on your SUV.

GetABidNow: You and your spouse dress alike and ENJOY square dance lessons

MattSuess: You know you are a Real RVer when you don't mind spending nights at Walmarts, truckstops, or rest stops while on the road.

So jump right in and submit your answer on our Contact Us Page.

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You Can Now Tell Us Why You Love RVing

Here is your opportunity to share your Love of RVing with others. We have a lot of visitors to our site who have never RVed before. You now have the opportunity to let them know what they are missing by not being a part of the RVing Lifestyle. Share your love of RVing.

Here is a recent submission from one of our visitors.

RVing Is Dad's Dream

By Anonymous

So why do I love RVing? It allows my father and me to spend quality time together. We travel around for weeks at a time and I work from the RV. It gets us out of the house and around the US seeing all the wonderful sites. It is a bonding experience between you and your co-pilots that will bring many memories for your lifetime.

Since I was a young lad my father tormented me with when I graduated high school him and my mom were going to get an RV and I would never see them again. Well the best laid plans do not always come to fruition. My mother passed away a few years ago and my father is disabled and needed assistance. So I changed jobs to one where I could work from home so I could tend to him.

Last year, knowing of his dream I bought a motor home and we began carrying out his dream. By the end of this year we will have visited over half of the states in the US. I was doing this for him, but truly under estimated what I would get out of it.

It is an amazing adventure as you travel down the road to your next destination. Where are you going to stop along the way? You find things that you normally would never see in your lifetime. You see history and get to visit small towns where everyone is nice.

RVing is an adventure that I will continue to do for my lifetime.

Now that you read this story, you can also Share your love of RVing.

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What's The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened To You When You Were RVing And Camping?

All RVers and Campers have had funny things happen to them while RVing and Camping. Here is your opportunity to share your story about the funniest thing that ever happened to you while camping and RVing with other RVers and Campers.  Just visit our Funny RVing Stories page and tell us all about it.  If your story is really, really funny, we may even publish it in a issue of the Everything About RVing Gazette. 

Below is an example of the kind of stories we are talking about.  This story was submitted on Our Ask An RVing Question page, but it definitely would qualify for our Funny RVing Stories page.

How Not To Dump The RV Holding Tanks

By Bill From Florida

We just bought a new (new to us) fifth wheel trailer 3 weeks ago. The day we bought it, the guy that was selling it to us, walked me through all of the stuff I should know, like, how to hook up to electricity, water, etc.

He also talked us through how to dump the holding tanks. We could not actually dump the tanks because we were at his house and there was no sewer to hook up to. I did take notes on everything he told us to do.

This past weekend me, my wife and our two boys took our trailer on our first camping trip. It was only for the weekend so we went to a campground that was 70 miles from us.

Everything went well until we were preparing to leave. My wife reminded me that we needed to dump the tanks. So I went to my notes and hooked up the sewer hose to the trailer and put the other end into sewer hole at our campsite. I was sure that I hooked everything up right (at least I thought I did).

I pulled both of the levers in the sewer compartment at the same time. When I pulled the levers I heard a big gushing sound as the sewer hose disconnected from the RV. I was standing right in front of it when the hose came off.

Needless to say, I got soaked by the stuff that was coming out of the trailer. I tried to grab the valves and turn them off, but I slipped and fell down in all the muck.

My wife and kids heard all of the commotion and came out of the trailer to see what happened. Instead of helping me, they just stood there staring at me. Then one of my sons started laughing at me, then my wife and other son joined in. I said something to them that I can't write here.

I finally got the valves closed and some other campers that had seen what happened to me came over to help me clean up the mess I had made. They also sprayed me with water to clean me up the best they could. My wife and kids refused to help.

My family would not let me in the trailer until I took a shower and changed at the campground restrooms. I have taken three showers since this happened and I still cannot get the smell off.

I can tell you that I am not a happy camper right now, I don't want to go through this again. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

Sorry for the length of this, but I hope other people can learn from whatever mistakes I made. That is why I only put my first name here, I am too embarrassed to give my full name.

Now if Bill is willing to share this story with us so can you.  Just head over to our Funny RVing Stories and tell us all about what funny things have happened to you while RVing and Camping.  By the way if it helps your story you can also add a photo.  I am sure that Bill did not take any photographs of his sewer bath, but he could of added one if he did.

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Top 10 RV Destinations

By Excel Distributors

Answer the call of the open road. A long-standing American tradition is the RV road trip; traveling the nation's (and our neighbors") highways and byways in a recreational vehicle. Whether it is a grand getaway for a few weeks or a short trip of a few days, settle into one of these top picks for RV destinations:

1. Madison Arm Resort - West Yellowstone, Montana

Highlight: Located eight miles from Yellowstone National Park.

The campground itself lies on the shores of Hebgen Lake, home to trout-filled waters. Wildlife in the region is plentiful - day sightings of bison and elk is not uncommon. A trip to Big Sky country wouldn't be complete without a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Madison Arm Resort offers a getaway from the often-overcrowded site of Yellowstone itself. Drive along Grand Loop Road, watch Old Faithful and gaze over the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The perfect road trip for couples, families or friends.

2. Tunnel Mountain Campground - Banff National Park, Canada

Highlight: Located at the top of Tunnel Mountain with views of the sprawling countryside.

Huddled at the top of a mountain, sits Tunnel Mountain Campground in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Winter adventures and activities are aplenty at this RV Resort & Campground; or throw on some extra layers and head north to the Rockies and Banff National Park. The area's powdered slopes will challenge skiers and snowmobilers and hikers and cyclists will adore the glaciers, mineral hot springs and ice fields. The campground offers trolley service to the cozy town of Banff, a true winter wonderland as well as food, laundry and a water slide close by.

3. Verde Valley - Cottonwood, Arizona

Highlight: Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Red Rocks to the north, Mingus Mountains to the west and the Hackberry Mountains to the south.

This 300-acre oasis is located in the high desert of Arizona under the towering southwestern rim of the vast Colorado Plateau, the city of Sedona is blessed with four mild seasons marked by abundant sunshine and clean air.  Characterized by massive red-rock formations, as well as other amazing natural beauties, the area surrounding Sedona is considered at least as beautiful as many national parks. Verde Valley is situated on the Verde River and surrounded by rich geological and cultural history.

4. Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort - Oceano, California

Highlight: Nestled among the dunes of the beautiful Oceano Preserve, offering  breathtaking vistas and trails to the beach.

Pismo Beach Oceano is rich in geographic, archaeological and cultural history. Pacific Dunes Resort offers stunning views in a secluded and quiet - but not remote - location. Guests of the Ranch enjoy nearby off-road recreation, horse rentals and boarding facilities, large BBQ areas and magnificent Pacific Coast sunsets at Pismo Beach area's most unique RV resort.

5. Boyd's Key West Campground - Key West, Florida

Highlight: Ocean front campsites, saltwater fishing, on site Tiki Hut and a heated swimming pool.

Travel three hours down Route 1 from Miami to the tropical Florida Keys to find an RV island oasis. Offering oceanfront RV sites, campers will be drawn to the quiet, laid-back style of Boyd's. Located near Duval Street, where travelers can relax with a frothy margarita and enjoy Mallory Square's sunset celebration, where tightrope walkers, jugglers and fire-eaters provide nightly amusement.

6. Mt. Hood Village RV Resort - Welches, Oregon

Highlight: Timberline, located in Mt. Hood National Forest, is the only location in the United States to offer year-round skiing and snowboarding.

The Village has come to be known throughout the industry as the premier RV destination in the Northwest. Fun and adventure for all ages can be found within minutes of Mt. Hood Village. A 27-hole golf course, groomed hiking trails, rock climbing, mountain biking, miniature golf, fishing, lakes and streams to explore, and the Alpine Slide are just a few of the activities found in Mt. Hood National Forest in the summertime. Within the Village guests will find many amenities and activities, including the Huckleberry Festival, Wild Mushroom Festival and Salmon Bake Festival held each year at the Resort.

7. Mt. Desert Narrows Camping Resort - Bar Harbor, Maine

Highlight: Lobster dinners, ice cream socials and pancake breakfasts!

The Campground offers panoramic ocean views and waterfront campsites. As New England's only National Park, much of the regions most scenic views are found on Mt. Desert Island by driving Acadia National Park's 27-mile "Park Loop Road."  Take a hike in Acadia National Park, bike or stroll the carriage roads or go whale watching - the activities at Mt. Desert Narrows are endless. Don't miss Maine Lobster in July & August!

8. OConnells Yogi Bear RV Resort - Amboy, Illinois

Highlight: The perfect RV trip for All-American families with young children.

Looking to experience a slice of true Americana? Point your wheels toward Northern Illinois, home to some of the finest fishing, hiking, golfing, natural scenic wonders, and wildlife America has to offer. OConnells Yogi Bear RV Resort is perfectly located just 90 miles west of Chicago and offers heated swimming pools, kiddie pools, spas and beach swimming. With Yogi Bear appearances, Candy Bar Bingo and weekly evening events it is the ideal escape for family fun.

9. Horse Thief Lake Campground - Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Highlight: Close proximity to Mt. Rushmore, with excellent views from the Resort.

Horse Thief's central location makes it easy to enjoy the best the Black Hills has to offer: Custer State Park, Needles Highway, Sylvan Lake, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and much more. Great location to partake in many activities such as rock climbing, photography, exploring ghost towns, mines and caves, biking, hiking, water sports, fishing and more.

10. Rivers Edge RV Park - Fairbanks, Alaska

Highlight: Located in Fairbanks, the geographic and population hub of Alaska, surrounded by beautiful scenery and in close proximity to all of Northern Alaska's wonders.

Rivers Edge RV Park is located on the shores of the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska. Acclaimed as one of Alaska's premier parks, the amenities offered by the Park are nearly unparalleled. The Park offers a free shuttle service to Riverboat Discovery and the Alaska Salmon Bake, among other conveniences. Enjoy travels along the famous Alaska Highway and learn the history of this beautiful state through attractions such as Alaskaland, with fresh Alaskan salmon served up at the Salmon Bakes. Follow the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline on a motor coach excursion or take a paddle wheeler day cruise to capture a glimpse into the state's past.

About the Author:

Excel Distributors is the nation's leading supplier of truck cab accessories, also specializing in RV products. Excel offers RV mattresses , bedding, accessories and more. At Excel, we are dedicated to improving the overall quality of your RVing experiences.

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What Is Your Favorite RVing Destination?

Ok, you have read all about the Top Ten RVing Destinations, now it is time for you to tell us all about your favorite RVing destination.  It's easy and it is fun.  Just go to our What Is Your Favorite RVing Or Camping Destination page and tell us all about it.  You can even add a picture if you want.

Here is an example of what other RVers are saying about their favorite RVing and Camping destinations.

Camping And RVing At The Tropical Sun and Margaretville

by Bruce Stone (South Glens Falls, NY USA)

Sugarloaf Key Resort

My wife and I both agree that the USA Sugarloaf Key, Florida KOA is our favorite winter escape from Upstate, NY. Normally sometime after the Christmas season I get itchy feet and it's time to hit the road for a few weeks and head for some warm weather.

The Florida Keys are just the place to go for us and the amenities at the Sugarloaf Key KOA are exceptional. Nothing like sitting at the ocean shore and pirates cove enjoying a margarita or two in the open air bar or starting the day with a pastry and gourmet coffee in the coffee shop overlooking the ocean.

A walk across from the street from the campground and you will find some of the key's best seafood. The campground is just 20 miles from Key West and Duval Street that host an abundance of dinning and shopping opportunities.  

We normally spend a few days at Disney's Fort Wilderness campground on the way to Key West and have discovered the magic of Disney is how fast your money can disappear. Keeping that in mind we make sure the camper is well stocked and try to avoid the $5.00 cups of coffee.

Now that you have read all about Bruce's favorite place to go RVing and Camping, it is time to tell us all about your favorite place.  Just go to our What Is Your Favorite RVing Or Camping Destination page and tell us all about it.  Don't forget to read our Submission Guidelines before submitting your story.

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All The Information You Need To Know About The June 12th Switchover To All Digital TV Signals.  Is Your RV Or Home Ready?

By RVing Al

Let me start off by saying that if you are currently getting TV through satellite or cable, you do not need to review this information, you will be fine.  But if you are using an antenna to watch TV in your RV or home, please read on.

I am amazed at all the questions I have received from RVers about the Digital Television Transition.  I did not realize how many RVers are hooked on TV.  What happened to just enjoying the great outdoors?  You should be outside, Fishing, BBQing, Kayaking, Jogging, Swimming, Bird Watching, Star Gazing, etc.  What is wrong with you people? :-)  OK, I admit it, I am also hooked on TV, even when RVing.  There is nothing like sitting next to a campfire roasting marshmallows while watching American Idol or Dancing With The Stars.

So since I am also a TV addict, I guess I have no choice but to help you out.  Below are questions that have been submitted on our Ask An RV Question Page.  If you review the answers I gave to these questions, you should get enough information to ensure that your RV's or home's TVs will be ready for the changeover. This will prevent you from experiencing TV withdrawal symptoms.

How Can We Improve The Digital TV Reception In Our RV?

The Digital TV Converter Box In Our Camper Will Not Work.

Did We Purchase The Right Digital TV Converter Box For Our RV?

I Just Purchased A New TV For My RV Do I Still Need A Digital TV Converter Box?

The Digital TV Converter Box In My Motorhome Is Causing A Hum In My TV's Sound

How Do I Install a Digital TV Transport Adapter In My RV?

Hooking Up Digital TV Converter Box In Conjunction With Satellite Receiver In An RV

We Want To Watch TV In Our RV Going Down The Road Can We Do That?

We Are Getting Terrible Reception On Our RV's TVs, How Can We Fix It?

We Want To Install DIRECTV in Our RV, But We Have Wiring Problems

Should I Put A Plasma or LCD TV In My RV?

How Do I Install A Digital TV Converter Box In My RV?

Does Our RV Need A Digital TV Converter box?

I bet you thought I was joking when I said that I have received a lot of questions about TVs in RVs.  Hopefully, you have gotten all the answers you need to get setup for the Digital TV Transition.

Happy RVing and TV watching.  I gotta go it is time for the American Idol TV finale. :-)

RVing Al

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Monthly RV Safety Tip

How To Choose A Safe Campsite For Your RV

By The Good Sam Club

Camping is a fun time for the whole family. It is a time to leave all of your troubles behind and reconnect with family and friends. Campfires, roasting marshmallows and sing-a-longs are the memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. That’s why it is essential to make your campsite a safe place for everyone.

The campsite you choose is your home away from home. It should be a clean, safe place that is devoid of any debris or low-hanging limbs. And, choosing a site that is flat and level makes it easier to set up camp and park your RV.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect campsite, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind while setting up camp. The following tips can go a long way to ensure that you and your family have a memorable camping experience.

• Check for potential hazards. Be sure to check the site thoroughly for glass, sharp objects, branches, large ant beds, poison ivy, bees and hazardous terrain.

• Inspect the site. Look for a level site with enough room to spread out all your gear. Also, a site that has trees or shrubs on the side

Continue Reading

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