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How Do I Stop My RVs Awning From Blowing Open While Driving?

by Doug
(Fountain Valley, CA)

I have a Windsport 34B model and during two separate trips I had the same problem. During some strong crosswinds the living room slide out awning blew open and snapped the stop lever on the outside. I had to tie it down manually so I could keep driving. This has happened twice on separate trips.

Any suggestions to keep this from happening again? It is only the large living room slide out awning that has this problem. I see other motorhomes driving down the road with the same cross wind but yet not having any problems. Is there a cover plate or other mechanism that will prevent this from happening?

Answer:  Greetings Doug thanks for asking your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Unfortunately a lot of people go through the same problem you are having with your awning. Awnings have built in brakes that are suppose to stop the awning from opening up while going down the road. These brakes do not always work or they get worn out over time. Once the air catches a corner of the awning with a weak brake; the awning fabric starts to billow up and catch the wind. Now the awning has basically turned into a giant sail and can exert enough pressure on the awning hardware to cause it to fail. If the problem is not caught in time the awning can rip itself and it's mounting hardware right off of the RV. This can cause severe damage to your RV and other vehicles on the road.

RV Awning LockThere are locks available to prevent the awning from opening up while going down the road.  Pictured at the left is the Coil n' Wrap RV Awning LockThis lock is easy to install and works on most RV awnings. The Coil n' Wrap Awning Lock will prevent both the canopy from unrolling and the arms from coming open as you travel down the road. The #1 cause of insurance claims on RV's is awning

damage. This is caused by the failure of the awning roller tube locking mechanism. Often this is due to vibration, wind or operator error.

According to FMCA, wind will always win out over the friction lock that awnings employ. The lock is comprised of two parts, the Lock Assembly and the Roller Tube Stop. This superior made Awning Lock is simple to install and simple to use. Using an awning lock will give you added peace of mind as you travel safely down the road.

The package comes complete with full instructions and all parts including two drill bits, a metal center punch, screws and the necessary parts to install the Awning Lock. You open and close the lock using your awning wand. There is a groove in the rod and a spring loaded plunger in the metal block. When the lock is closed the plunger drops into the groove preventing the lock from opening while you are traveling down the road. Only one lock is required for an awning. The lock fits Carefree and A&E awnings, with the exception of the A&E 2 Step.

I would also suggest you get some Camco RV Awning Straps. The awning straps are used to secure the arms on the awnings while traveling. Even though the awning arms have locks on them, the straps act as a fail safe to prevent the arms from coming loose and damaging your RV.

Hopefully once you start using these items you won't have to worry about about looking in your side view mirror and seeing your RV awning billowing in the wind. If any of our visitors have tips for you they can add them by clicking on the add a comment link located near the bottom of this page.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Slide-topper vs. Patio Awnings Unfurling
by: Keith

The exact same principles apply to slide-out awnings as apply to patio awnings.
And the same solutions apply!
The problem is, the solution (Something to stop the roller tube from rotating) probably have a different physical configuration.
Both can come unfurled. The possibilities of both unfurling can be greatly reduced by some sort of device, an RV Awning Travel Lock, some other commercial device, or a homemade device, which will prevent the roller tube from rotating.


Slideout cover billowing
by: Anonymous

The person with the original question on this was talking about his SLIDEOUT cover (awning) and how it billows and snaps back during a cross wind...not his patio awning. any solutions?

Another version of the same type of solution
by: Anonymous

Right on, Al!

I wrote an article about the same issue. You can read it here: http://awninglock.com/greatestmyth.html

There are several solutions available. I happen to sell a different solution than Al mentioned.

The bottom line is, Do Something! You DO NOT want to lose your awning!!!!


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