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RV Road Trip – Ways To Save

RV Road Trip

Here are some great ways to save money on your next RV road trip

Even in these tight economic times a road trip is still the way to go! Recent research shows RVing is typically 27-61% less expensive than other vacations, according to a study comparing vacation costs.  

With an increase in fuel prices, food, and other necessities it is more important than ever to watch spending and cut back on unnecessary luxuries. Vacation doesn’t need to be one of them! With these tips for saving money and cutting costs you’ll be on the road and headed for a fabulous vacation in no time. 

Before You Go

First, it is important to make the RV as efficient as possible. The following tips can ensure safe and speedy travels, as well as save some money along the way:

The Driver

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RV Road Trip

Planning trips ahead of time and using a GPS device while on the road can save unnecessary and unwanted time spent driving in search of an unknown destination. While driving, be sure to keep windows rolled up on highways and cut down on aggressive driving to preserve fuel economy. Also, be sure to research gas prices before the trip to know the best places to fill up to save time and money. 

The Engine

Before you go: Get the engine a tune-up to make sure everything is in proper, working order. A change of spark plugs, oil and replacement of the air filters can assure maximum motor efficiency.


Lighten your load. Empty holding tanks remove any unneeded items and pack only the essentials.


Check tire pressure and wheel alignment. One of the most overlooked opportunities to save money is properly inflating tires. Adequately inflated tires help save gas mileage, prevent accidents and increase the life of tires. 


When shopping on the road, stop and shop at local discount stores. The best way to save money is to stock up on essential items in bulk before you go. Have meal fixings on the road with you, to save from stopping for fast food and other restaurant meals while on the go.

While On The Road

Don’t Go So Far  

Some of the best RV destinations may be closer to home than you’d think. Aim to visit a destination on one tank of gas or in your home state. Visit our list of the Top 10 RV Destinations to find a locale near you!

Take Games

Take your own games on the trip to save money on entertainment. Pack board games, play cards and classic road trip games like the license plate game for a free way to entertain the entire family.

Camp Smart

Good Sam Club

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To save on propane costs, consider using Resort and Campground facilities for hot water and during cold weather camping or cold summer nights use an extra blanket instead of extra heat.  

Leave the Extra Vehicle at Home

Save money on extra transportation costs by leaving a spare vehicle at home. Not only will this save fuel economy by not having a heavy item to tow behind the RV, it will save extra transportation gas money. 

RV vacations continue to be affordable based on savings in the areas of hotel, airfare, and restaurant costs. These savings together offset the cost of fuel. Shorter RV vacations were also found to be more economical. 

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