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Green RVing: Sustainable Travel Tips for Eco-Friendly Nomads

Eco-Friendly RVing tips. RVer working on his RV's Solar Panels

Green RVing helps RVers fulfill their responsibility to protect the great outdoors

By Alan Wiener
Everything About RVing

RVers have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment while on the road. Read on to find products, green RVing practices and conservation tips to help you do your part to preserve the great outdoors on your next RV road trip.

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Green RVing Products:

Solar Panels on the roof of your RV can generate enough electricity to run many RV appliances when paired with an inverter and your motorhome battery. Utilize Solar Panels to maximize efficiency while on the road and parked at camp.

Enzyme-based and bacterial formula toilet chemicals use natural composting action instead of formaldehyde, which can have many damaging effects, to break down solids in holding tanks.

Awnings  and window coverings help to deflect sunlight from streaming into your RV on hot days, thus requiring less energy to keep the coach cool.

Ceiling fan/vent combinations can be used in two ways: on cooler days, turn off the air conditioner and use the 12 volt/fan combination to move air into and around the RV's living space and sleeping areas; and use the combination to help circulate warm or cool air throughout the RV, both greatly reduce costly energy needs.

Install a water-saving shower head in your RV bathroom. Typically, these shower heads use 30-70% less water than standard heads and produce less gray water (thereby, less need for disposal!)

Minimize water-use when washing the exterior of the motorhome by purchasing a no-rinse cleaner. Use a rechargeable lantern instead of gasoline, propane, or other carbon-based fuel powered versions. To increase its eco-friendly potential even further, keep batteries charged using portable solar power.

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Green RVing Tips

Dry laundry in the fresh air. Set upcampground clothesline or bumper-mounted clothesline instead of using the dry cycle on your RV washer/dryer or the campground facilities'.

Let laundry collect in the hamper longer. Wait longer between wash loads and let enough laundry collect to have full loads of whites, darks and brights to run fewer loads and save energy and water.

Install a patio light timer so lights come on only at dusk, or dark even, and turn off automatically in case you forget to switch them off before turning in for the night.

Keep RV and tow vehicle engines well-tuned to conserve energy and reduce emissions. See our Spring Preparation article for more details about annual services to keep your RV in the best possible working condition.

Recycle as you travel. It is important to keep in mind that while you are on the road, and on vacation, recycling doesn't take a backseat. Separate garbage from recyclables while on board and take note of campground recycling categories to assure proper use of the campground's system.

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To reduce the amount of air pollution and ash from spreading, keep campfires small. Do not place anything in a campfire that will not burn, such as plastics, foils, or metals.

These simple and easy-to-follow tips for "greening" your RV travels can help reduce your carbon footprint and preserve your favorite road trip destinations for generations to come.

Editor's Note:  Below are 3 videos by RVing Expert Mark Polk from RV Education 101 that outline more ways to make your RV even more ECO Friendly

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What is Green RVing?

Green RVing refers to practices and conservation tips that RVers can adopt to protect and preserve the environment while traveling in their RVs.

How can solar panels be utilized for Green RVing?

Solar panels, when installed on the roof of an RV and paired with an inverter and motorhome battery, can generate enough electricity to run many RV appliances. This maximizes efficiency both while traveling and when parked at camp.

What are the benefits of enzyme-based and bacterial formula toilet chemicals in Green RVing?

Enzyme-based and bacterial formula toilet chemicals use natural composting action, which is an eco-friendlier alternative to formaldehyde. They break down solids in holding tanks without the damaging effects of formaldehyde.

How can ceiling fan/vent combinations benefit RVers in terms of energy conservation?

Ceiling fan/vent combinations can be used in two ways to save energy: On cooler days, RVers can turn off the air conditioner and use the 12-volt/fan combo to circulate air in the RV's living and sleeping areas. The combination can also be used to distribute warm or cool air throughout the RV, reducing the need for costly energy consumption.

What are some water-saving tips for Green RVing?

Some water-saving tips include installing a water-saving shower head in the RV bathroom, which typically uses 30-70% less water than standard heads, and minimizing water use when washing the RV's exterior by choosing a no-rinse cleaner. Additionally, using a rechargeable lantern charged by portable solar power further boosts eco-friendliness.

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