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The 5th Wheel Trailer Is Living Big

RVing couple enjoying their 5th wheel trailer

The 5th Wheel Trailer is living big because it has the largest living space of any RV

The 5th Wheel Trailer is living big has the most available living space of any RV.  They are also the most popular of the towable trailers category. If you want to experience the great outdoors and the great indoors at the same time, this is the RV for you.

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The Fiver is not designed to be towed with a regular passenger car. To pull it you need a pickup truck and then you need to install a 5th wheel hitch on the truck. The hitch is identical to the ones that truckers use to attach and pull their trailers.

Because of the design of the trailer, up to 25% of the total trailer's weight is carried by the rear suspension of your truck.

The length of these trailers range between 20 and 40 feet. The bigger the trailer, the bigger the truck you will need to pull it (hopefully your eyes haven't glazed over yet from all this information). 

The 5th Wheel Trailer is living big Because of its unique configuration the 5th Wheel Trailer has a bi-level design that puts a master bedroom or living room above the truck bed.  Now add 1 to 5 room slide-outs and you have one spacious RV.  

These fully self-contained trailers do; or can have every amenity that you now have in your house. That is why Fivers are popular with Full-Timers (a person or persons, who chooses to travel and live in their RVs permanently).

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The 5th Wheel Trailer has one sub-type

The Toy Hauler

A quad driving by a toy hauler 5th wheel trailer

If your motto is "have toys will travel" then this trailer is for you.  A Toy Hauler is a 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer that has been designed to carry your toys such as quads, dirt bikes, dune buggies, your favorite Harley or even a small car.  

They have a big back door that doubles as a ramp. Your toys are stored in a mini garage behind the main living area of the trailer. Once you are at your campsite and you have removed all your valuable cargo, these mini garages can be converted into usable living space such as a bedroom, etc. (This depends on the model you have).  In some cases, the back door ramp can be converted to a patio, which increases the living and playing area of the trailer.

These special trailers can have up to three axles dependent on the weight they are designed to carry.  As with any RV there are Pros and Cons to owning one.

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5th Wheel Trailer PROS and CONS

RVers sitting in camping chairs next to their 5th wheel trailer

PROS of a 5th Wheel Trailer

Living Space and Comfort

One of the major benefits of owning a 5th wheel trailer is the ample living space they provide. With their multi-level design, they offer more headroom and storage options compared to traditional travel trailers. This makes them an excellent choice for families, full-time RVers, or anyone who enjoys the comforts of home on the road.

Towing Stability

5th wheel trailers are known for their stability during towing. Thanks to their unique hitch design, the trailer's weight is distributed more evenly over the tow vehicle's rear axle. This results in a more stable and secure towing experience, with less sway and better control.

Easy Maneuverability

Despite their larger size, 5th wheel trailers are surprisingly easy to maneuver. The pivot point of the hitch is closer to the tow vehicle's rear axle, which allows for tighter turns and better control when backing up. This can make navigating tight campgrounds and parking lots a breeze, even for novice RV drivers.

Customizable Options

5th wheel trailers offer a wide range of customizable options and floor plans. From high-end appliances to spacious living areas, you can create a unique space that suits your needs and preferences. Many manufacturers also offer upgrade packages to enhance your camping experience further.

Great Choice for Fulltime RVers

Because of the size and available storage options the Fifth Wheel trailer is a wonderful home on wheels for Fulltime RVers. 

CONS of a 5th Wheel Trailer

Requires a Pickup Truck

A 5th wheel trailer requires a pickup truck with a special hitch installed in the bed of the truck. This means you'll need to own or purchase a truck that's capable of towing the weight of the trailer, which can be expensive

Limited Maneuverability

The design of a 5th wheel trailer means it can be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, such as parking lots or campsites. You'll need to be careful when backing up or making sharp turns to avoid jackknifing or other accidents.

Height Restrictions

 Due to its height, a 5th wheel trailer may not be able to fit under low bridges or overpasses. This can limit your route options when traveling and require


 5th wheel trailers can be more expensive than other types of RVs due to their size and features. Additionally, the cost of owning and maintaining a truck capable of towing a 5th wheel trailer can add to the overall expense.

May be Too Big for some Campgrounds

Depending on the length of the Fifth Wheel Trailer, you will find that some campgrounds, National and State Parks don't RVs over 27 feet in length (as time goes on this limitation is fading away)

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Hopefully, the above information will be helpful in steering you in the right direction. If you have decided that a Fifth Wheel Trailer is the right type of RV for you, you should now head over to the Buying a RV section of this web site to get some more helpful hints.

If you are still not sure, continue browsing the other Types of RVs that are available. One thing is for sure you will never regret becoming an RVer regardless of the type of RV you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tow a fifth wheel trailer with a half-ton pickup truck?

While some smaller fifth wheel trailers may be compatible with half-ton pickup trucks, it's essential to consult your truck's owner's manual to determine its towing capacity and ensure a safe towing experience.

Do I need a special license to tow a fifth wheel trailer?

In most cases, a standard driver's license is sufficient to tow a fifth wheel trailer. However, some states or provinces may require a special endorsement for RVs exceeding specific weight or length limits. Check your local regulations for more information.

How do I maintain a fifth wheel trailer?

Regular maintenance for a fifth wheel trailer includes checking tire pressure, inspecting the brakes, lubricating the hitch, and ensuring all systems are in good working order. Additionally, schedule routine professional inspections to keep your trailer in optimal condition.

Can I live in a fifth wheel trailer full-time?

Yes, many people choose to live in fifth wheel trailers full-time, thanks to their spacious interiors and luxurious amenities. However, it's essential to choose a model designed for full-time living and ensure you have a plan for addressing practical concerns like mail delivery, utilities, and internet access.

How do I connect my fifth wheel trailer to utilities at a campsite?

When you arrive at a campsite, you'll need to connect your fifth wheel trailer to the available utilities, which typically include electricity, water, and sewer. Ensure you have the appropriate hoses, adapters, and connectors to establish these connections safely and efficiently. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of each campsite, as they may vary.

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