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A Long History of RVing Love

by Susan Chrest
(St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

A Long History of RVing Love

A Long History of RVing Love

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I grew up on the road traveling all over Canada and the US. My parents owned a travel trailer for pretty much all of my childhood. My fondest memories were of waking up somewhere along the highway in our old station wagon with our trailer behind us wondering what the next park would be like. We traveled through half of the provinces in Canada and I don't even know how many states.

My parents eventually sold the trailer when I was in my late teens. They wanted to take some time off and start concentrating on retirement and saving for the next RV. That's all they talked about for years. Well, my dad and mom never did realize their retirement dream. My mom passed away before they were able to buy that RV and travel again.

By the time we lost mom, I'd been married for about 16 yrs. We'd tented with our own girls when they were young and they liked the camping life.

After a while life intervened and we got busy and we didn't seem to find much time for camping, but my wonderful childhood memories were always there. I had hoped that one day, maybe we could buy a small trailer and show our girls what I experienced growing up. After we lost mom, I told my husband it was time to live our dream. No more waiting for the perfect time. No more excuses. No more saving everything we had for a day that we might never see. Losing my mom taught me that life is for living. Do the things you want before it's too late. So, we
bought our first hybrid trailer and went camping every opportunity we could.

We had years of wonderful weekend trips and family vacations with our daughters before they grew older and chose not to travel with us. Occasionally they do still come camping with us, but for the most part, it's just my husband and I now. We've traded up trailers a couple of times over the years and now own a lovely 2013 KZ Spree. It's the nicest trailer we've owned so far and we're so happy.

I'm so glad that I didn't choose to wait to live this dream. No, we're not full-timers, we still work and I know that spending the money now to travel will make retirement a little further away. I also know that if I never see that day, it's okay because I've experienced the RV lifestyle again that I loved so much as a kid. I have so many beautiful memories of time spent with my family at some of the most beautiful places you could imagine!

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may wonder why not a four-star hotel? I love the freedom to go wherever we want when we want to. A clean comfortable bed and a clean bathroom are available at any time. Our fridge and cupboards are stocked with the food we like and we love the convenience of eating whenever we like. RVing is modern-day exploring in comfort.

I LOVE the RVing life!!!!

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new adventures
by: Don T

Like you, I loved pulling into a camping spot when it was dark then discovering new surroundings when we woke up in the morning. Absolutely one of my favorite memories as a kid. And now, years later, my older brother says that he always felt the same way ..... the best of times!

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