A Warning Light On The Dash Of My GMC Motorhome Comes On and Starts Buzzing

by Anonymous

I have a 1988 Suncrest GMC Motorhome and while driving the light on dash came on and started buzzing. The temp was OK and all fluids are fine and drives fine we just do not know what the light and buzzing are from.

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If you have a hydraulic leveling system on your Motorhome, my best guess is the buzzer and light are telling you that the hydraulic leveling legs on your Motorhome are not in the full up position. This could be due to low hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic leveling system.

Again this is just a guess on my part. Normally these types of warning systems are clearly marked on the dash.

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Your best bet is to take your RV in and have a Certified RV Technician take a quick look at it and determine for sure what the warning light and buzzer are actually for.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

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1988 Suncrest
by: Red

Hey if anyone would be willing to share the owners manual it would sure help me out.

We just got our first RV (1988 Suncrest) and I'm trying to learn about all the systems and how it all works.

Cannot seem to find a manual anyplace.
My email is 1rollinred@gmail.com


warning light
by: Anonymous

i have an 87 suncrest and the warning light in the center top of the dash is for the hydroboost brake system it means your pressure is low i had the same problem and it was the pressure switch on the hydroboost pump hope this helps

Red Light and Buzzing on Sunncrest RV
by: Anonymous

How interesting you ask. We just had the same problem. Our mechanic had no idea what caused this. I found a note in the manual that its a sign of engine overheading; comes on when the radiator reaches 250 degrees and that you shoudl immediately stop your engine..

I might add the regular temperature gauge does not register an overheating engine.

SEe owners manual..Section VII-2 states the the red warning light and buzzer to indicate an extreme overhead condition. The same warning "should this condition occure, stop your engine immediately. The manual does not indicate the location of the sensor nor how to remedy this conditon.

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