Adjust RV TV Antenna

by Dirk Heard
(Everett, Washington)

How to Adjust Your RV's TV Antenna

How to Adjust Your RV's TV Antenna

When I install the analog to digital box, is there anything specific to do with the direction my antenna is aimed, or do I still spin it until I get some reception. I will have to run the channel scan after every movement of the antenna, I expect, or is there a different method for aiming the antenna?

ANSWER: Hi Dirk, the steps I am about to outline work whether you are using an analog to digital converter box or a TV with a built-in Digital Tuner. When you set up your RV in a new area, you should initially point your RV's antenna in the general direction of the nearest large metropolitan area (if you know for sure which direction that is). Then go to your Digital TV Conversion box or TV and do a channel scan and see what you pick up.

Quite a few of the Digital TV Converter Boxes such as the Zinwell ZAT-970A (this is the box I highly recommend) and some newer TVs have an on-screen signal strength meter. Once you have some TV channels locked in, you can choose one of the stations and use the signal strength meter on the Converter Box or TV to adjust your antenna to get the highest signal strength and do a rescan to see if you pick up additional channels.

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If you do not get
any channels on your first scan, you should turn your antenna a quarter turn and try rescanning for channels. Continue this process until you finally acquire some channels. Digital TV reception, unlike the old Analog TV reception, is very fickle, and you may not get the reception that you think you should.

Rayzar Automatic Amplified HD TV Antenna

Now, if this sounds like too much of a time-consuming hassle to tune in TV channels every time you move your RV, there is an antenna specifically designed for RVs that does all of the scanning and tuning for you automatically. This antenna is called the Rayzar Automatic Amplified HD TV Antenna (pictured above). Please take a look at the video below to see how it works.

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You may want to read the answer I gave to the question How Can We Improve The Digital TV Reception In Our RV? to get further information on how to improve the reception of over the air Digital TV Channels in your RV.

I would also suggest that you visit our Digital TV Tips For RVers Page for even more information.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing!

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Pointing a TV antenna.
by: Tim L

There is a good smart phone app called TV Antenna that works quite well.

How to aim my tv antenna

I get so frustrated when trying to aim my TV antenna in the proper direction! Every blog I read gives me this helpful advice..."point the antennae in the direction of the TV signal!!!" There's only one piece of critical information lacking with this pearl of wisdom...WHICH END IS THE POINTY END???? Is the signal picked up by the side of the antennae or does is it truly come through one of the ends? I have the same question for a standard "batwing" antennae and also a sensor antennae. Will someone enlighten me???? Please respond to my email as listed by my user name above. ( Thanks...

by: Shawn

There is an app that I use on my smartphone called TV Antenna Helper FREE. It uses your GPS and WiFi locations to get the information on the nearest broadcast antenna and then shows them on a map. Takes all the guess work out of it.

Just use a compass and point your antenna the same direction as the strongest signal(s).

Web site to aim tv antenna
by: Jim Moore

Go to and enter in your location. It will give you a list (or map)of all tv stations in your area and the direction of the transmitter so you can use a compass to point your antenna in the proper direction. It also shows the relative strengths of the signals. Saves a lot of guesswork.

antenna tuning
by: happycamper51

Pretty much correct. I would add: the Wingman works pretty good. The way it is attached to the Sensar III is the front and direction the antenna should point towards. Raise the antenna from the stowed position and see where the Wingman points. Take a marker and put a dot on the rotating knob inside. Carry a simple compass with you and orient the dot towards where your station should be. Now do your scan or fine tune.

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