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All the Storage Compartment Locks On Our 1999 Fleetwood, Southwind Motorhome Are Broken

by Tracy
(Sun City, California)

All the locks on our storage compartments are broken. Apparently on this model year the only way to replace the lock is to completely take the doors apart? Is there any other way? The bars that connect to unlock are made of plastic. Any ideas?


ANSWER: Greetings Tracy thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Unfortunately I have no suggestions for you other then saying that you will probably end up replacing all the locking mechanisms on your RV's storage compartments. I am not aware of any alternative storage compartment locks for your Fleetwood

Maybe one of our visitors who may have gone through this before will leave a comment on what they did to repair or replace the storage compartment locking mechanisms on their Fleetwood with the same system.

Obviously there were some design issues with that particular locking system considering that all of them are now broken after only 10 years. I know that you have not been locking and unlocking your storage compartments every day for 10 years.

One other suggestion I have is take one of the doors apart and take the broken plastic bars (rods) to a local metal fabricator and see if they can create new bars out of metal. If it can easily be done, maybe it will not cost that much.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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